Monday, 6 August 2007

Hoping for a..

Life is like a double edged knife. A sharp tongue of an angry mother and her embrace when you're lost and hopeless. Its everything nice and bad all mixed up like a coctail in one lovely prom. One day you bleed, the next u laugh. Pain is so close to pleasure. None can escape. Then again, in life, you're as happy as how you want to be. Hope and optimism are our saviour from misery.

Hope might be false. But dont stop hoping because you'll never know it might swing in your favour. It can be the only thing that'd guide you in your darkest hour. Hope is what saves us from being suicidal, from doing stupid things that we will regret or to recover from our wildest mistake. Hope is what fuels us to reach for our dream eventhough all odds are against us. Hope is what makes you wait for something you're so sure you'll get (no matter how impossible it is).

So life without hope will be of no greater meaning. That we're content with our routine. And that life is only that same old cycle. The same face, the same sentence, the same place, the feeling.. same old same old. Without hope, 1 + 1 will always be 2, CDs and DVDs will always be expensive, friends will never be lovers, strangers will always be strangers, to live is to die, sinners will all go to hell.. We're all sinners.. so who's goin to heaven huh?? =p hahahaha

So, to be hopeful.. Optimism should be our foundation. Generating hopes for us to hope for. Believing that everything would work out, believing that there are grass on the other side(dont care lah whether its green, blue or yellow!! =p), believe that your effort wont be for nothing, believe that we dont have to put effort to get something =p, so on and so forth..

So go arm yourself with a barrel of optimism and cartridges of hope. And hopefully your survival rate in this harsh reality would increase. No guarentees because everybody's using a prototype!! =p