Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The Victim: Harvey Dent

While people are head over heel with the Joker and part of it Batman (yes, he was overshadowed by the gay guy from Brokeback Mountain), I empathized more on Harvey Dent than the rest of the characters in The Dark Knight. Yes, Joker provided us with an excellent show, a deep argument and philosophical believe behind his 'smile' and staying strong with it. And of course, Batman showed the selfless act and incorruptible sense of justice in doing the 'right thing'. People tend to overlook the byproduct of the collision of these two 'Goliath'; the torment of Harvey Dent. He's the living testimony of Joker's argument and Batman have the Gotham people to stand by his principals. But what makes it more tragic is that the choices made by Harvey were relevant and somewhat a similar path many would take under that circumstances. It was totally human, and that's what i can understand from him (and it scares me a bit). Circumstances, chance, experience will shape us and bring out the best or the worst of us.. that's why he is easy for us (or is it only me?) to relate to and wonder; "would i fall in the same path if i were to be in his shoe, pushed to that extend and given a strong reasoning with it to retaliate.. would i fail in the same way?". To say that he is evil would be too shallow and an overstatement, and to call him good would be idealistically wrong but principally acceptable for he seeks justice for everyone. Justice that's down to its' core and simplistic form, chance 50-50. So now friends.. what is FAIR?? what is JUSTICE?? and what does it take to be human and humane enough idealistically and principally?

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

A spat with miss(mrs) nature!

People always have this misconception on environmentalist and naturalist and whatever gempak name for people caring for the 'mother earth'. Before arguing or saying anything, i wanna dispel this phrase first, the "saving mother earth" or "mother nature" or yada yada.. That 'mother' of us, the earth, doesn't need any saving from us. If u wanna litter, go ahead.. use CFCs.. you're welcomed to.. cause global warming?? Owhh.. please do.. If we look at earth, global warming and the extinction of mankind would be quite an insignificant event for our Mother Nature since she has already wiped a whole bunch of other beings on this god forsaken planet. Mother nature heals herself, even after a meteor explosion and global damnation she turned out okay. Ice cold age?? She passed that like a Disney's on ice event. Exhaustion of fossil fuels? Damn she'll rot us and make a new batch of it... Even now as we speak that mother of ours is still wrecking havoc and having fun with it. Don't believe me? Switch on and go watch Violent Earth and tell me that it isn't so.. xD Well next time a person come to you preaching about saving mother earth, tell the bugger to get their facts right. That we're the ones who need the saving, hence we're making a move in saving the environment. Saving this tolerable environment for us to live on. It has nothing to do with saving the pandas in China, saving the whale, saving whatever animal we can think of.. it's all about making sure the temperature is tolerable, the resource is enough, the oxygen is sufficient and prolonging our stay here from the inevitable (the total damnation of humankind). But sometimes, i feel that we're just like a batch of bacteria on this planet, terrorizing and multiplying.. Which side should we choose then? Mother earth? Humankind?

Friday, 11 July 2008

Tema Hari Ini: "Eeeeuuww!!"

Memandangkan sahabat2 dah memetik picu senapang pengotorku. Aku nak cerita sket pasal seorang sahabat aku di zaman hostel. Adalah seorang hamba Allah ni.. baik orangnya, dan sangat kelakar jugak. Mari kita namakan dia.. macam mana kalo Azri? sesuai tak? Okay.. he's Azri.

Azri adalah seorang remaja(or young adult, sbb dah masuk universiti) yang saling tak tumpah seperti remaja2 lain. Bercinta, berkawan, bergembira, berduka. Tapi ada satu kisah mengenai si Azri ni yg bleh dikatakan 'priceless'! Aku takleh nak cerita benda ni in English sbb nanti hilang dia punya rempah ratus! Hilang dia punya perasa! So nak dijadikan cerita, pada hari tersebut Azri bangun tidur seperti biasa. Tiada kelas, so dia pun melakukan sedikit senaman dan preparing for his day. Suddenly, dia terasa perutnya mula mengetuk-ngetuk pintu. Meronta-ronta untuk melaksanakan 'hajat' yang terpendam. Dia pun pergilah ke mangkuk tempat kita 'meluahkan' segala sisa-sisa hidup. Tempat kita bercangkung mencari ilham, tempat kita berfikir pasal masalah hidup, tempat kita mengembuskan lafas lega (kalau ko tak tau katne ni.. mmg sah IQ ko bawah 100).

Aku bukan nak cerita pasal benda kotor, so lets skip the 'urusan' and straight to business (isn't urusan and business tu the same thing?? =p). Setelah selesai.. Azri pun ingin membersihkan dirinya. Sekali tengok.. pili air tiada paip getah yang disambung. Dalam hati Azri memaki "Cibai punya Razak(bukan nama sebenar), amik paip getah tak reti nak letak balik!". Pili air berkepala tembaga tu terletak kira2 di paras lutut manusia kalo diukur dari lantai. "Nak position mana ye? Camne nak clean the backyards?" Azri tertanya2 di dalam hati. Dia pun bertindak untuk memutar kepala pili, biarkan air mengalir dan membelakanginya.

Dengan penuh confident, Azri terus duduk untuk meng'adjust posisi bumper belakang 'kereta'nya. Tapi rupa-rupanya, dia dah salah estimate dan jarak 'kereta' ke dinding dah tahap bunyi sensor dah. Azri dapat merasakan pili paip tembaga menerjah dan menusuk kalbunya. Matanya membulat, dalam keadaan blur "what have i done??". Dia tergamam dan terkasima dengan apa yang telah berlaku. Dia lantas bangun dan menjerit. Berlari keluar dan cuba meng'salvage apa yang mampu. Dengan trail of blood dalam toilet tu.. semua orang dah confuse dengan apa yang telah terjadi.. "Adakah Azri cuba bunuh diri??" "Adakah Azri period??" "Adakah Azri ada Tibi?" semua persoalan ini bermain main di kepala sahabat-sahabat yang peduli pasal dia.

Setelah everything dah clear, member-member dah tolong sapu ubat and all.. It turns out to be a hot topic among men. I dont think any of the girls tahu.. Cerita Azri yang hilang keterunaan(dara??) pada pili paip tembaga. Or peristiwa Azri period! Ini bukan 'Urban Legend', not a friend of your friend. It's for real! So dengan peristiwa yang 'priceless' ni, Azri berjaya menempa nama dalam Hall of Fame TESL UiTM. heheehhe salute if you're reading this! xD

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Perasa - an? Seasoning - ish?

I dont know about others, but I think even the toughest of men have their vulnerable moments. At that one paritcular moment that all their brute strength were rendered useless. When they're at their wit's end and they just cant help it but to leave themselves exposed. Men are after all.. human. Though we dont place emotions in high regards like most women do, but damn, it's there. Like a friend of mine used to say "Elehh.. Ganas ganas Gene Simmon tu pun kawen.. jiwang.. ada anak.. Ozzy osborne.. ganas.. ganas.. setan.. Kawen jugak.. Diorang tu semua ada emotion gak. Takde nyee orang yg hati batu sangat pun!". Yes, we'll try our best to hide it. That's where our ego kicks in. We'll pretend that it's all okay but in truth, we're fucked up inside. The best mask that men would usually resort to is his laughter and perhaps a straight emontion-less face. Some twisted ones would resort to violence or resort to substance abuse and some would just lock it behind bars and pretend that nothing ever happened. So, the next time around you see a happy face, it doesnt mean that the person is trouble free or there are no wounds behind those smile..

owh.. while I was browsing through my mp3s.. i stumbled upon this song. Haven't heard this song for quite some time now as it's not in my usual playlist. The Blower's(not that blow that crossed your mind just now!! bad!! bad!! =p) Daughter by Damien Rice. An old song of like.. 4-5 years ago?? Listened to this song avidly back then. Layan emo laaa katakan.. =D I just love this song because of the interaction from the female vocalist that really defined the whole tone of the music. The guy would sing as usual with all the jiwang stuffs and go "I can't take my eyes off of you (like 6 times with wailling celo sound)" and the girl would reply, one time only with a soothing voice.. "Did I say that I loathe you?Did I say that I want to, leave it all behind?".
smaaacckkedd!!! Felt like the end of the world. =p Luckily the song ends with the guy saying "I can't take my mind off you (like 6 times jugak! (-.-) persistent sungguh!)" and then he said "Till I find somebody new".

Most people would have known this song already because it was quite famous.. but if u wanna listen to it again.. please do.. provided you with the youtube. And feel free to indulge with the lyrics here

I put on my shades of red
As people forced me to wear it
I put on my fake smile
Because I also get them once in a while
I tighten my glove’s grip
As people thought that I am weak
I’m rolling up my sleeves
Just pray that after I’m done you can still breathe
I’ll laugh sadistically
As you’ll get what you wished
But you know this, eventually
I am gonna make you bleed

Cyberjaya - 4/7/2008