Friday, 15 October 2010

Halal food issue..

Well this one for people with dipsophobia. 

Fear of alcohol is termed "dipsophobia," a word derived from the Greek "dipsa" (thirst) and "phobos" (fear). "Dipsa" is also used to form the words "dipsomania" (an abnormal craving for alcohol) and "dipsosis" (a medical condition characterized by abnormal thirst)

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(an entry from buletin halal disember 2009)

dont just judge without really knowing anything. yeah be careful than be sorry is okay. but dont just simply lable things and judge people who doesn't really follow your 'safe than sorry' policy as evil or doomed to hell. who are u? god?

FYI: there are a lot of stuff you consume on a daily basis contains alcohol.. fermented stuff.. soy sauce.. tapai.. etc  

ok now.. THINK!


Anonymous said...

Maknanye klau X memabokkan kira harus laa yek? Sbb ada org yg immune dgn alkohol,tp mabok laut, mabok darat...mcm mana plak?
Arak pun mcm2 jenis: Beer, Toddy, Wine, pompuan lbh suka kopi+teh.

Azzam?? said...

yang immune tu... aku tatau ler.. tapi kalo dah dibuat untuk memabukkan.. haram lerr...

Donut said...

Kalo tak memabukkan, ok la kot, ntahla, so was Malta but the lack of halal cop is a scary thought...

Azzam?? said...

for me malta tu macam tapai gak la.. lenjan jerr makan/minum.. tapi jangan selalu laa.. dan one go jangan banyak2 =)