Thursday, 18 April 2013

Selecting the shiniest of two turds..

wanna know something sad? nearing the GE, everybody will turn one eye blind to the group they like, and start searching for anything for the party they dont like. small things become magnified.. nothing is based on facts. and with facebook/internet, the meaning of FACT is lost with it.

for me, i choose with my BOTH eyes open. look at the reality. one side, you're choosing PAS/DAP/PKR rojak, not just one of it... and the other side would be the UMNO/MCA/MIC bullshit. which one would be the government that you want?

sex scandal? it's just one guy... forged sex video, it's just another political assassination. picture of a guy wearing one party, doing something wrong... just about anybody can print a shirt with whatever logo and do whatever shit. post videos of people being beaten... it's JUST a video of people being beaten, ignore the sob story that'd follow as just about anybody can type a whole sob paragraph about something may be true or might just be fiction. all these political propaganda can be true... but it can also be created to deceive you. swallow this, both sides are doing it, and you will never know the truth. and screaming/shouting about it or sharing in facebook doesnt spell J.U.S.T.I.C.E. as you dont know for a fact as well. people come up with 'hidden' side of history. well i'm quite sure just about anybody can conjure up a 'hidden' history out of thin air. so? what now? use your brain laaaaaa....

my point is, ignore the bullshits and think about the real issue. think about what kind of government you wanna live in. leave the petty bickering to the power hungry and the illiterate.


Anonymous said...

X suka je, tukar...X suka je, tukar... Pilih asal yg bukan kita benci, pilih atas dasar Xde pilihan. Sentimen kebencian menebal. Bukan sbb tutup seblah mata je, mmg dah buta minda dah rakyat Malaysia nih, pilih ikut perasaan.

Anonymous said...

Are u lecturing at UniKL city campus ?