Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Shit upon those who deserves it... (a story of GST)

Noise... So much noise.

Malaysians masses are somewhat an expert in this. We like to blow things out of proportions and commonly would have a dramatic reaction to any current or trending issues. We viral the shit about how this artist tweet that this other artist should stop singing, PM's electricity bills, amukan gadis ala Kiki CMD... common things you can see in your facebook feed..

One question, before sharing anything in social media.... one must fulfill one social obligation.. confirm the info you're about to share... or at least dig in for some validity. That's why im sure that there will never be Malaysian as Little finger's agent or Vary's whispering spiders. (yeaaahh i know.. Westeroos is not a real place).

Now back to our little talk about shitting. I just wonder with the looming April Fool's joke GST just around the corner, a lot of people are bitching that the government is making their life hard with the implementation. This would burden the people, not thoughtful, abuse of power..... yada yada yada. if you ask me about it, i'd say why the fuck are you condemning a taxation exercise that would actually stop tax evasion, a transparent taxing exercise and tax exemption for businesses below 200k?

"but GST will raise all the prices.. cost of living will rise... yada yada yada" u might say. Stop! Stop right there!! stop blaming the system but instead... lets put the shit where it belong. So where should all the shit go? All the shits should be with YOU, yeahhh YOU!

You... who owns a bigass company and evaded tax like an expert, loss accounts for submission to LHDN, profitable account for loan and banking. and now these rotten piece of human being are the loudest to protest GST and panicking as they will no longer be able to shit the people in LHDN with the transparent taxation exercise. Yes, the shit should be on YOU, who raise the price of goods with the excuse of "GST maaaa...." without any real knowledge of how GST works and do it just purely to make extra profit. (example, 10% service tax not abolished 6% GST on top).

My only issue with GST is the implementation should come with enforcement to make sure these dumbass excuse of a human being doesn't manipulate the implementation of to benefit their greedy cause.

To stop the rot, we need to know where the rot is. Hello there, you rotten people. So tell me again, where should the shit go?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! definitely the shit will return to the shitter locked in a toilet from outside...hahaha