Saturday, 29 March 2008

He thought that this was it.
He thought that he had found it again,
after not believing for quite sometime...
He started to believe in it again.
He started to work for it again.
He started to be excited again,
eager for days to be spent with it.
He started to smile again,
and his eyes are glittering again..
a smile of someone who thought he has found love.
Glitters of content and appreciation, that finally he's there.
But life is cruel and fate loves toying people around.

Now, all that's left is just him and his empty smiles.
Now his eyes are strong yet there're sorrows behind it.
Now each day can pass by without a hint of enthusiasm.
Now he would just lie there,
petrified by his own naivety.
He refuses to bend on his knees and beg.
He refuses to look in her eyes anymore.
He just refuses...
Because the pain aches so much he's now numb.
Because the reasons are stupid enough he's dumbfounded.
Or maybe he's just not suited for these. Maybe...


Anonymous said...

Another case of cinta tak kesampaian mr.nurazzam? poor thing.. it's ok.. dont feel too sad.. you're bound to find the ONE soon nuff.. dont stop looking! =p

Anonymous said...

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