Saturday, 5 April 2008

Fairy tales

Fairy tales are just bullshit.. Love at first sight, and that really work.. is somewhere close to that as well.. and to add some more.. Love that's something like what you find in fairy tales are as shitty too.. =D yeaaa... yeaaaaa... it's a bold statement, i know. I am not used to being pessimistic about stuffs but once in a while.. We just need to put our feet to the ground and admit, yeah, life is just like this..

Let me give you an example, lets take one of the fairy tale.. hmm... Aladdin perhaps?? Do you think that Princess Jasmine would fall in love with him if she were to see all the things Aladdin did? I mean, he's friggin' thief for God's sake.. and I'm betting my money that in reality, he's not gonna be that tidy and charming. Unless he's the suave type of thief laa.. but it's clearly said that he's often broke. And...... without his genie.. the love between them would never ever ever happen!

Owh.. here I would LOVE(ironically) to lash out on people who're in denial. Who said that what's outside doesn't matter.. all that matters is the inside. "YEAAA RIGHTT!!!". Even Aladdin needs a makeover to really have a shot on Jasmine getting to know what's inside (not his pants ya!!). If you really stand by your words, why dont you go and date an orc or an ogre perhaps? Bring a future in law for your parents like this..
And you tell me what did they say. =D wahahahah... owhh oowwhh... No ogres like Shrek ok.. he's a wussy ogre.. disqualified and a disgrace for his kind!! =p


Anonymous said...

hey, i watch fairy tales so i know...

first of all, aladdin n jasmine met before aladdin jumpa genie. she fell in love with him when he was a street rat.

when he turned into a rich guy, jasmine tak suka pun. and jasmine knows about aladdin stealing and all that. in aladdin 3, jasmine did metion to aladdin, u promised no more stealing! and aladdin did not steal sengaja. terpaksa...


so really.. there's honesty in the relationship. and love at first sight does exist.



lol..this entry is cute!