Friday, 16 May 2008

of silence and lambs..

For those who know me, by now they should know that I'm an easy going kinda guy.. I live my life happily and often try not to dwell into negativity. I am full of sarcasm, sharp jokes and beating around the bush. To compensate all these.. I have developed quite an immunity to such things. Like people say, don't do unto others what you don't want others to do to you.. So practically, you can do almost whatever you like to me.. sarcasm, oh please.. give me more. Sharp jokes, ohh... i just love em... Drop me all you want, i will drop you back.. With the battle of words and egos, I am you friendly rival.. just be prepared to swallow my counters.. Drop me just anything.. just never ever insult my intellect. Sarcasm, ego stabbing and all.. I value them. Because people needs their brain to do that. It's like sharpening your tools, heightening your wit and cunningness.. There are wisdom behind it.. however twisted those words are.. they have values. No matter how stupid (sometimes) they're, a thought have been placed in the struggle to fight back. But I will never ever understand silence. Like the silent treatments that girls do.

When people go silent whether it is voluntary or involuntary, there is something wrong. It's either they're a mute or they failed to communicate. Some say silence is virtue, what the hell?? So by shutting the f#*@ up, I'm living a virtuous life? All around the world, people are struggling to reach each other, to understand each other by words.. And here you are, saying that silence is virtuous, and carrying weights in communication. Perhaps those American soldiers should be stationed in Iraq and just shut their mouth up huh?

Silence will never make you look smarter or more profound as before. When you go silent, people will speculate. Like it or not, we're human beings. These speculations could work for and against us. Kinda like a wild card. You're better off explaining directly and let them speculate on something solid than just thin air. And yes, you wont look smarter if you go silent. People will say that you're just an idiot, thinking for thaaat long to come up with thaaat answer. Even if you go silent in conversation, while making your deep and profound looks, people will know.. "he just don't know shit and just taking the easy way out". So be mindful about these consequences before you pull another deep and profound look whenever you're caught out of your knowledge. =D

And another thing.. the 'silent treatment' by a group of people.. Like being silent and expecting people to somehow read your mind and do what u wanted them to do. The last time i checked.. not even 5% of the total human population have psychic ability (so they say). So don't expect people in your life to suddenly read your minds and do your bidding.. Never ever be silent and expect your boyfriend to 'pujuk' you.. because he's clearly clueless bout it. Don't make it more complicated as they already are. Use your tongue (Not to french kiss him laa.. tolol!!) and utter some words. State your demands, because if he loves you enough.. he'll listen. =D

As for me.. I'm making my stand here.. That people need to communicate more. Talk first before pulling any triggers. Silence doesn't make you virtuous or either built a deep and profound character of yours. And people don't read minds... not until we evolve into a freaky looking being with big brains to do everything (e.g. communicate, pee, have sex, lift thing telekinetic-ally) stop expecting people to understand your inner voice. Voice them out and have the gut to be your gut voice.. =D


crumbsofme said...

ignorance and silence is different. ignorance is worse.

"do not know what to say" means
"malas nak layan" and "i dont care".

peace! make love not war! ;)

w A said...

Syy! The world is the library.

*Tumpang lalu*