Monday, 12 July 2010

Trying too hard to be deep eh?

It's bad enough that i hate most music coming from the radio nowadays. but some of them are really getting on my nerve. it's okay that you're the shallow pop music looping sound here and there. what's funny is, some of the song are trying so hard to put some depth to their song by playing with metaphors/simile or perhaps some analogy in their song. yeahh.. a good move. but you dont have to announce your metaphors/similes/analogies in your chorus and repeat it over and over again.. a good example would be the pyramid song, sang by the 'rojak' girl.. cant recall her name. the one with "like a pyramid heyy x6" as the chorus. or perhaps the avalanche song by marie digby (yes i know her name because she's smokin' HOT!). or perhaps the other one.. the battlefield song... but then again that one's not too obvious.. wanna pardon ms sparks or not eh? =p

NEVER, ever ever ever... announce your metaphors/similes/analogies directly when writing a lyric. one, you're insulting your listener as if they cant make the connections themselves... two.. you'd sound downright lame.. "shorty's love like a pyramid" yeaaa yeaaa.. whatever... i thought that 'rojak' girl have a powerful voice and appeared in oprah's show and all... why stuck with such sucky pop song?? if your voice is your strength... play your card right like how leona lewis did. (here) dont just take a ride on the 'popular' bandwagon.. and definitely don't follow mariah and her direct 'sex sells' approach. for me, she has deteriorated from a diva to a ________ <---- fill in the blanks lah! so that's all from me today.. lets take a guess on what's the next metaphor/simile/analogy that people are gonna come out with in their lame pop song.. i'd say 'baby you're my cabbage.. you give me iron and it makes me so strong' bwahahahah


Anonymous said...

Biasanye, aku dengo lagu2 omputih nih bukan aku faham pun mesej dia, asalkan suara, muzik, melody & rentak nye bleh diterima...da kira OK laa tu. Muzik ni mcm fesyen gak laa...ada demand ada trend ada hasilnye. Best bg aku X semestinye best bg org lain. Ko pun slalu pesan kat's impossible to please everyone. Insulting the listener: bg aku mungkin pendengar tu rasa diri dia terlalu bijak or maybe lagu tu mmg dicipta utk pendengar yg shallow mcm aku nih.

~ indah ~ said...

wanlau, aku stuju ape yg ko ckp.

mr.azzam: lagu like a pyramid tu, kalo aku xsearch lyrics die, hampeh satu pun aku tak dpt tangkap. the sounding of words tu ade sikit sewel aku rs. tapi btol ko ckp, suara rojak girl tu mmg best.

yg aku paling rs pelik skrg ni, lagu "what r u waiting for, Mizz Nina and Colby O..

"so what's your name hey baby what's your name oh yeah

[mizz nina]
sexys my name yea sexys my name"

hey sexy girl from kuala lumpur..

haha. mmg best gle la.. aku xrasa she announce the name as sexy but more to sex. da la from Kuala Lumpur. jual ape ni weh.. da la sebut play.. macam pray.. atau aku je salah dgr. tp, melody wise, mmg best. aku suke. tp xtahan ke'hot'an yg ingin ditonjolkan itu..

mgkin da semakkan entry ko, tp.. nak wat cane.. da tercakap. haha