Monday, 16 February 2015

My kind of sound, the path and the reflection...

And here we are again, after years of silence. My fingers are back to paint this blog with the click and clacking of my mechanical keyboard. That familiar sound that i learn to love and hate. The sound of the midnight oil burned in the name of work... or the sound my gaming venture, pwning.

The reason i'm here is not to talk about those sound but instead, to talk about music. The sheer magnitude that music have in my life. I have always lived my life with a background music running in my head. It is like I am living a scene of a movie. For those who might know me well enough or spent enough time around me, they would notice that i would occasionally hum a tune, whistle or sing out-loud without giving a damn about the surrounding because at that moment... that's the 'background music' of my 'movie'.

Sometimes, instead of humming the background music.. i would continue the last word of what a person say with a song a la pitch perfect battle minus the acapella twist.  Example:-

"jangan tinggal aku weih!!"
and i'll continue with "oh adik... ohhh juwita. kanda sedang rindu. Padamu yang manis jelita"

That's how music is king in almost every aspect of my life. The most common one would be 'the song' for that 'specific moment'. Like whenever i hear any Linkin Park Meteora songs, i would instantly be tranported back to my hostel life in UiTM. To the extend that i could still smell my worn out jeans, all the maggi mee, all the crazy/idiotic stunts down to midnight fart-etition (fart competition).

Most of the 'strong' musics i used to listen and jam to are very meaningful for me. hell, some are still in my playlist even as a father of two. I still need them, if not... the only music i would be listening would be Let it go and a whole bunch of other Frozen/Disney/Nickelodeon musical shows. The remedy of excessive 'Let it go' syndrome, common to fathers with daughters of age would be....

All the lols... better than the original let it go being played over and over and over and over again.

"Daddy, nak lagu yaya... nak let it go"

And here we go again... over and over and over...

The music that i love so much... the people... the bands.. a lot have changed in the music industry. Lately i've been digging and updating myself with all the music i used to listen to and my heroes singing the songs... most of them have settled down in a more quiet life.

Alexisonfire.. officially ended back in 2011 and did a farewell tour. Too bad Malaysia/Singapore wasn't in their touring list. They were the heroes of my youth.

Underoath... officially ended back in 2012 and they did drop by Malaysia for a farewell. hell, it was among the greatest night for me. nothing compares to the sheer presence of a band, the singalong and the mosh.

As i lay dying... didn't disband. instead, their frontman was trialed and convicted with the the attempt on his wife's life via hired guns and currently chilling in the state prison.

Emery is currently on hiatus and did a quick 10 years anniversary concert last year. without their bassist/vocals.. emery's sound is kinda lost in all their effort.

The only band of my youth... that is still active and delivering their music would be Funeral for a Friend. In my opinion the best band that ever walked the earth as their music fit my ears like a glove (errr... metaphorically... u dont wear gloves on your ears... dude... come on..!). I could still remember the first time i heard their song... Rookie of the Year in a Kerrang! compilation. It was superb. And later, as i was browsing some CDs in OU... there it was... FFAF's full album... Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversations. THE CD of my youth.

It is good to hear their new songs.. and please.. FFAF, come to Malaysia. =D (fanboy... yeah yeaaahh... i know..)

"I'm cutting the cord;
I'm cutting the cord that keeps me.
I'm cutting the ties;
I'm cutting the ties that
bind my feet to the ground, my head in the sand.
And when did the doors start to
close and why did we just turn away?
In favour of some passing
trend that lets us down everyday.
And do we believe in the words?
Do we believe in the words that
we say when we're screaming in
each other's faces just like the good old days?"

-Nails by FFAF

In a way... I'm not saying that the current crop of musicians, whichever scene you may want to refer to, lacks the quality. Im just saying.. those days.. those kind of music were MY kinda music. The same as your dads would say that no bands could ever be better than the Beatles. And here I am... listening to MY music using a headphone as my daughter is running around inside my room singing Let it go.

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Anonymous said...

Salam Bro, lama menyepi?
Hana pun suada mau kahwin lor...ko pun da beranak 2 (aku da 3).
(Suka bace blog ko, sbb nak ikuti tahap genius ko sampai bila2)