Sunday, 6 April 2008

I miss...

I hereby acknowledge that I am missing all these but are still not as much as I miss my parents and my good friends.. They're my life!

I totally miss Makhbul SP.. the nasi kandar is superb and the rojak is out of this world. Of course, the place is more enjoyable if my friends are around. I also miss my ayam madu and telur sotong in Nasmeer SP, the one in Lagenda Heights. I miss nasi lemak Jalan Dewa and the neighbouring pork slaughter shop..

I also miss my guitaring days.. I miss playing with my band. I miss touring for gigs all over the place. I miss wrecking havoc onstage. I miss composing songs and recording em track by track. I miss all the jamming sessions. I miss tweaking the recording console here and there..

I miss our late night drive. Looking for stupid places to hang out and places to go. The late night drive to hotsprings, to beaches, to haunted places. I miss the uphill drive to Tanjung Jaga. I miss playing dipping balls into the hotspring, walking down the beach and talking nonsense, and scaring the shit out of ourselves.

I miss being the 'couldn't care less' student and just face my days as it come. I miss playing sports in school. I miss throwing the rugby ball and trashing people legally in a rugby match. I miss making a touch and solo sidesteps.

And for once, I miss being loved by a significant other. I miss the feeling of being love. I miss the feeling of making a girl smile, a smile of true happiness. I miss the feeling of forcing myself to remember important dates. I miss being able to smile out of nowhere..
I surrender.. I miss them.. I wonder when will I ever have them again in my life? Or was it just another chapter in the past. I wanna meet someone from the future to tell me what might they have in store for me.

p.s. - ignore the words in red.. they were written there by aliens!!
and yes.. i MISS YOU TOO... =D


hana_lalalala said...

u miss me? awww sweet


i miss having a significant other too. miss his text message. his voice on the phone. voice the feelings u get when he says ' i love u'

oh well, life is a bitch sometimes..

other times, it'll be wonderful.

our time will come

i know :) keep hoping!!!

shikin said...

it's ok azam.
i'll cure all ur miss miss thing.
jaga ko azam....

MystiCat said...

Missing someone/something/whatever thing...hurts....and damn sux

Previous Chapter said...

no worries :) u ll find someone who's fated for u, de day ll come.. i'm praying for ur happiness dude!

Azzam?? said...

ha ha.. im glad that my friends are all with me even in the cyberspace.. =D thanks guys!!

husni said...

i miss you too sayang!