Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Studying Politics..

"Honestly speaking.. I DONT GIVE SHIT about politics!! It's just your usual 'power struggle'. The so-called 'elite' of our country getting their load of shits they think they deserve. If that was just the case, I wont really mind.. But the thing is.. They do it as if the people are a bunch of idiots. Buat macam semua orang kat Malaysia ni budak2 darjah 5.. (if u don’t feel the same way, I don’t blame you.. it's easy to act like a 5yrs old..) and the people pun berpusu pusu plak menyokong and mengutuk orang2 yg memperbodohkan diorang tu.. I am amused... Yes I am! With power, comes corruption... That one is a known fact already. Regardless of what arguments and by what excuse, they're bound to get dirty.. So tak payah laa obsess obsess sangat dengan party kau tu... Semua orang ada their own agenda. Want a piece of the meat. Semua ada self benefit yg diorang aim. So tak payah hide with a higher purpose, konon.. We're all selfish. so TAK PAYAH LAAA NAK BUAT MUKA ANGELIC AND CLAIM ITU INI SEMUA, JANJI ITU INI SEMUA!! FUCK YOU LAH!!!"

Berikut adalah petikan daripada salah satu blog yang tak jadi di pos oleh yours truly. bukannya apa.. usually I would prefer to be politically correct (and yes I did). But now I just wanna share it as a reflection on how much I dislike politics and the obsessions that follows.. luckily now.. it's all back into working order. hopefully.. however, there are still remnants of issues unresolved with the new government. me, I'm not complaining.. just that I think people should just stop blaming, accusing and asking people this and that and just START GOVERNING THE COUNTRY AND DO YOUR JOB!!! =D enough with the discussion, enough with the talking and START WALKING!!!

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husni said...

aku dah cakap kalau nak jadi cool kena ada blog kat blogspot. nampaknya kau dah terima nasihat aku...