Monday, 21 April 2008


I am but just a simple man
Just wanting us to walk hand in hand
and if I would go blind
Would you still gaze into my mind
For I am just a simple man
Stay here dear if you can
And If I would lose everything
Would you still see me in your dream?
I am of no miracle
Wanting you, if I am able
For I am just a simple man
Stay here dear if you can

I wonder, every now and then
Would you stay with me till the end?
Save me dear from my shrouds
For I am lost here without a doubt

For I am just a simple man
Stay here dear if you can
But he's waiting for you at the door
"I'll remember you my '*Ava Adore'"
"Come and save me dear..
Grab me and pull me near"
"For I am just a simple man
Sick of games and pain I can no longer stand
Stay here dear if you can"

Equine Park, 21/4/2008 - 2.07am

*In reference to the song Ava Adore by Smashing Pumpkins

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Studying Politics..

"Honestly speaking.. I DONT GIVE SHIT about politics!! It's just your usual 'power struggle'. The so-called 'elite' of our country getting their load of shits they think they deserve. If that was just the case, I wont really mind.. But the thing is.. They do it as if the people are a bunch of idiots. Buat macam semua orang kat Malaysia ni budak2 darjah 5.. (if u don’t feel the same way, I don’t blame you.. it's easy to act like a 5yrs old..) and the people pun berpusu pusu plak menyokong and mengutuk orang2 yg memperbodohkan diorang tu.. I am amused... Yes I am! With power, comes corruption... That one is a known fact already. Regardless of what arguments and by what excuse, they're bound to get dirty.. So tak payah laa obsess obsess sangat dengan party kau tu... Semua orang ada their own agenda. Want a piece of the meat. Semua ada self benefit yg diorang aim. So tak payah hide with a higher purpose, konon.. We're all selfish. so TAK PAYAH LAAA NAK BUAT MUKA ANGELIC AND CLAIM ITU INI SEMUA, JANJI ITU INI SEMUA!! FUCK YOU LAH!!!"

Berikut adalah petikan daripada salah satu blog yang tak jadi di pos oleh yours truly. bukannya apa.. usually I would prefer to be politically correct (and yes I did). But now I just wanna share it as a reflection on how much I dislike politics and the obsessions that follows.. luckily now.. it's all back into working order. hopefully.. however, there are still remnants of issues unresolved with the new government. me, I'm not complaining.. just that I think people should just stop blaming, accusing and asking people this and that and just START GOVERNING THE COUNTRY AND DO YOUR JOB!!! =D enough with the discussion, enough with the talking and START WALKING!!!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

I miss...

I hereby acknowledge that I am missing all these but are still not as much as I miss my parents and my good friends.. They're my life!

I totally miss Makhbul SP.. the nasi kandar is superb and the rojak is out of this world. Of course, the place is more enjoyable if my friends are around. I also miss my ayam madu and telur sotong in Nasmeer SP, the one in Lagenda Heights. I miss nasi lemak Jalan Dewa and the neighbouring pork slaughter shop..

I also miss my guitaring days.. I miss playing with my band. I miss touring for gigs all over the place. I miss wrecking havoc onstage. I miss composing songs and recording em track by track. I miss all the jamming sessions. I miss tweaking the recording console here and there..

I miss our late night drive. Looking for stupid places to hang out and places to go. The late night drive to hotsprings, to beaches, to haunted places. I miss the uphill drive to Tanjung Jaga. I miss playing dipping balls into the hotspring, walking down the beach and talking nonsense, and scaring the shit out of ourselves.

I miss being the 'couldn't care less' student and just face my days as it come. I miss playing sports in school. I miss throwing the rugby ball and trashing people legally in a rugby match. I miss making a touch and solo sidesteps.

And for once, I miss being loved by a significant other. I miss the feeling of being love. I miss the feeling of making a girl smile, a smile of true happiness. I miss the feeling of forcing myself to remember important dates. I miss being able to smile out of nowhere..
I surrender.. I miss them.. I wonder when will I ever have them again in my life? Or was it just another chapter in the past. I wanna meet someone from the future to tell me what might they have in store for me.

p.s. - ignore the words in red.. they were written there by aliens!!
and yes.. i MISS YOU TOO... =D

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Fairy tales

Fairy tales are just bullshit.. Love at first sight, and that really work.. is somewhere close to that as well.. and to add some more.. Love that's something like what you find in fairy tales are as shitty too.. =D yeaaa... yeaaaaa... it's a bold statement, i know. I am not used to being pessimistic about stuffs but once in a while.. We just need to put our feet to the ground and admit, yeah, life is just like this..

Let me give you an example, lets take one of the fairy tale.. hmm... Aladdin perhaps?? Do you think that Princess Jasmine would fall in love with him if she were to see all the things Aladdin did? I mean, he's friggin' thief for God's sake.. and I'm betting my money that in reality, he's not gonna be that tidy and charming. Unless he's the suave type of thief laa.. but it's clearly said that he's often broke. And...... without his genie.. the love between them would never ever ever happen!

Owh.. here I would LOVE(ironically) to lash out on people who're in denial. Who said that what's outside doesn't matter.. all that matters is the inside. "YEAAA RIGHTT!!!". Even Aladdin needs a makeover to really have a shot on Jasmine getting to know what's inside (not his pants ya!!). If you really stand by your words, why dont you go and date an orc or an ogre perhaps? Bring a future in law for your parents like this..
And you tell me what did they say. =D wahahahah... owhh oowwhh... No ogres like Shrek ok.. he's a wussy ogre.. disqualified and a disgrace for his kind!! =p