Friday, 16 January 2009


lagu ni sangat mendalam dan bermakna buat aku. lagu ni antara yang mampu buat air mata aku menitik suatu ketika dahulu (sekarang tidak lagi~! xD). entah kenapa, di malam yang suram ni.. lagu ni jugak yang menjadi teman aku. mungkin juga ini adalah effect dari apa yang kawan aku cakap bila she read my palm. "Azzam, you're heartless.. your right palm.. you dont have any heart line". Well, im not like totally surprised bout what she said.. dont really believe in these palm reading and what not but kinda like expected that coming already. mungkin aku pilih untuk mendengar lagu ini tonight sebab ia adalah remnants of the heart i once had. serves as a reminder that a 'heartless' like me was once able of emotions..

The Secret by Emery

on the way to grey
i could hardly wait
to see you again
to feel your hands

covering me
til the storm is done
what seemed to be the end
was not the end at all

when i hear the rain
should i be afraid
for my, for my
for my... life

why do you look at me that way?
i told you
that i was too busy to see you
i would never
keep a secret from you
from you
from you

is it over?
i am fine
thank you dearly
for your time

i'll be leaving
don't you cry
i'll be back soon
at least i'll try

can't you see
there is no time to think

yesterday's gone
tomorrow's here
can't turn back now
i won't quit

i still love you
i swear
i always will


hana_lalalala said...

nice song!

seriously u cried? like seriously?

wow. thats deep.


Azzam?? said...

hahahha... like time tu dengar lagu sesame street pun bleh nangis.. xD

husni said...

"always" is always a lie...

moon said...

love is not meant 2 be ours.
n waiting 4 sumone is totally waste of time.
when faiz said he lost his spirit 4 two years bcoz of a girl.
i'm his new light, he said.
but guess what...
he is not by my side anymore.
jz bcoz misunderstood.
it's not fair...

Azzam?? said...

husni: yeap... the use of 'always' is a common word used in the love-game-deceit. break love down, then you'll see all the vices, deceits and manipulations.

ain't love grand??

.:nani:. said...

hang memang..suka kasik aku berdarah sekali .. bluekk ! =P

p/s: "budak kecik"..i think the right word is!