Wednesday, 21 January 2009

No more tags for the next 30days!!!

i was tagged.. again.. this time by Hana Stealth Fighter (because she'll go out of radar like A LOT!). no more tags for the next 30days please.. so here we go..

1. Five characteristic of your dream girl/guy:
  • bleh blah
  • fashionably able
  • independent
  • decisive
  • can use her brain
2. Five characteristic that you've never liked in a girl/guy:
  • takleh blah
  • wardrobe 100% dari giant/tesco (please.. even bundle pun better okay..)
  • clingy
  • indecisve (damsel in distress 24/7)
  • bossy
3. Five feelings that you have when you're out with the one you admire:
  • nervous (dont screw up.. dont screw up.. please.. *praying*)
  • competitive
  • tensed
  • happy
  • crazy
4. Five places that you want to travel with your loved one:
5. Five special things that you will give to your loved one:
  • my love
  • my loyalty
  • my trust
  • my respect
  • my effort
6. Five songs that you will sing to your partner:
  • have you ever really loved a woman? by Bryan Adams (sekali dengan guitar okay..)
  • earth angel (will you be mine) by Marvin Berry & The Starlighters
  • i like the way you move by The Bodyrockers (kena ada pole ye?? hahahaha)
  • sempurna by Andra & The Backbone
  • sugar by Deff Leppard
7. Five friends you wanna tag:
  • Husni (mampos.. ko kena buat jugak!! wahahahaha)
  • Hafriz
  • Atira
  • Junz
  • Abs


husni said...

there's a word for "fashionably able", it's "fashionable"

aku beli baju aku kat giant dgn tesco...kira aku takde chan nak ngorat kau la ni?? deng...

Azzam?? said...

hahahha... fashionable tu cam a notch higher than fashionably able.. according to my usage la.. =D

buduh... ko nak ngurat aku watpe?? kita kan dah lama together?? wahahahah

hana_lalalala said...

hahahhahaha funny la u guys.

Azzam, mt Everest, the north pole? ooolalala, u have to find an athletic girl kut.


ok, i promise no more tag for the next 30 days. ahha

Azzam?? said...

aiyoo hana.. dont take that literally. mt everest(highest peak), mariana trench(deepest trench), north pole(coldest), sahara(hottest)

think metaphorically my dear.. xD

hana_lalalala said...

duhhhh i know...
it was meant to be a joke. :p

Azzam?? said...

aaaaaa... good. now we are on the same page. when will you be 'off-radar' again? lets hangout laa before u disappear again.

hana_lalalala said...

give me a week ok. lepas chinese new year, bolek lepak. for a day la. then i'll be off the radar balik. hehe

so, movie???

Atira. said...


Azzam?? said...

yeaaaa... you!