Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Singfest 2010...

luckily, i somehow managed to get my ass down to singapore for singfest. coheed's concert alone wasn't enough and i just HAVE to go down and watch 30seconds to mars and smashin' pumpkins with my own eye, right in front of my nose. the journey was a fun one indeed, accompanied by loyal friends. and yes, i'd be attending singfest 2011 for sure =D

yeaa yeaa... we're so jakun, wanna take pictures with almost everything.

at one time they were Hail the villains

and at another, he turned into Hail the King Kong!

Ian Brown with his tae bo/easy jog dance with a tamborine in hand

The vines

30 seconds to mars.. and yes, 30 seconds and then everyone goes crazy

Smashing Pumpkins with the 'new' iha and melissa

look what we found, two rockin' kids in the oceans of mosh and humans

Location: Fort Canning, Singapore
Date: 5/8/2010

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