Sunday, 2 November 2008

From here, now and onwards...

There we go again
Back to the same thing
Faith left cold in the rain
For misery is what it brings

There we go again
The same cycle over and over
Wash our hands from the stain
And cower behind our blanket as cover

There we go again
Back to where we started
Refused to be bled in vain
All happiness departed

If I could burn, I’d torch you dear
For every drop of kerosene fades with every scream
You're the tears, the means, the instigator, the sins, the fear, the dream..

There you go again.. and here I go now!
(No dear.. I need you to catch me if I fall)
Heads up, clutched fist, I'll march forward, onward..
(He's here but he's not you dear..)
Dive right out to the wide and the unknown now..
(Please dear who's gonna save when I’m not standing tall?)
This is my last regret, my last mistake, my final word!
(He's not here.. where are you my dear?)

Equine Park 28/10/2008


hana_lalalala said...

how come everyone is in a poetic mood???

nak write one too la

Azzam?? said...

poetry is in our blood lah.. =D

Hakim Nasir said...

poetry is in our blood but u r in my heart! huarggh aku nak nangis ni,dah besar panjang dah kau azzam!!azzam!,, dulu kecik je main guli,depan umah aku;D