Saturday, 15 November 2008

Fashion police?

I don't know bout what other people(you) think but for me.. when you're out to have fun.. there's absolutely no need to overdress. Yeaa yeaaa... nowadays we have all the 'metro' guys.. 'uber' man.. modern hipsters... and the list goes on and on and on.. and sometimes, these people go to the borderline of their sexuality or sometimes just plain absurd. with the internet pumping the fashion veins locally, we cant expect to wear what people over the 'colder' hemisphere is wearing right? if your're wearing it at night, it's still tolerable. but if u're wearing a scarf on broad daylight under the burning sun.. it makes you wonder whether he had screwed his weather sense. or he has lost his affinity to temperature.

over in my working place, people go gaga over fashion. students go to classes like going to a prom/rave party/club/rock concert (choose an appropriate occasion suiting to your personality). i dont really mind actually.. it's nice to see something new and different everyday. however it crosses the line when u see a guy with full white tux under the scorching sun. pretending that it's not burning his ass off for the sake of style. well that's the extreme example lah.. im not saying that im that innocent as well. u can also see me wearing a black sweatshirt over a shirt at noon as well.. but it's due to the nature that i must wear something black and if i didn't do that, i don't know when will i have the chance to wear all my colored shirts. so, pardon me lah ye?? =D

the not so extreme ones would be the color combination. sometimes, the combination makes you go WTF!!?? imagine spandex blue, with bright florescent yellow top and covered with a 'lacoste' green vest and a bright purple bag. it defies all logic! simply intolerable... a sin to my eyes. usually, i'd be getting these violation from girls... now men are also into this 'defy coloring conventions' posse. yeaa... yeaa... i know lah you're indie... you laaa hipsters... but when men started wearing yellow pants.. it makes you wonder for a while (btw.. you're not Hailey from Paramore.. u cant pull that one off. DEAL WITH IT!!).

as for exposure.. i don't really care bout how much skin you're showing to the world. it's your body, your temple, your 'wonderland'.. so you decide yourself. if you're talking bout preference, i'd say the principle 'buka atas bawah tutup, buka bawah atas tutup' would apply (credit to ladyesah =D). if you're wearing something short up and down.. somehow.. it'll look cheap (just my opinion). i once dated a girl and she wore a small tube for top and a very short skirt and nothing more.. and i was like.. "WTF!!?? i'm going out for a date, im nowhere near the red light district!!" (no offenses please, girls.. my preference.. not your future bf's xD). what really turns me on would be something more subtle.. something suggestive.. off shoulders perhaps.. something like this...

Figure 1.1 & 1.2 Prove that u don't need to show your skin to look sexy
(picture taken from here)

as for men.. you can never go wrong with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. well... if u're the experimental type, go ahead.. just dont end up looking like a clown with all the bright mismatched colors or end up looking gay(not the happy one... the sexual one!). preference? a nice ol' printed t-shirt works well for me.. something like these:-

Figure 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 & 1.7 Familiar?
(designs are all rights reserved to Obey clothing line)

all in all... fashion is up to an individual to determine. i'm just giving my two cents opinion on the issue. if u agreed with me.. well nice that we agreed on something. if u didn't.. well.. it's really not my problem anyway.. so you can screw yourself all you want.. xD


husni said...

*turns me on or *ticks me off

Violetz said...

True true true..
I uberly agree on your fashion sense..

just dress nicely and appropriately and according to events..
and for girls? yes..
its true they don't have to show too much skin to look sexy..

but thats just their way, their style.. like the one u dated?
wearing tube n skir, dats all?

well.. imagine u date a girl wearing tudung with super tight jeans and a tight super low neck shirt.. plus its super short sleeves.. tunduk je dah nmpak..
pusing kiri kanan, the whole place know what colour bra is she wearing.. huh..

i've once met a girl at one kdai mkn with tudung bersimpul2 melilit mcm nk tercekik leher, with sleeveless.. no kidding, its sleeveless.. (not like a spagheti or singlet) betul2 kt bahu tuh jer.. singkat pulak tuh.. with tight low cut jeans, just imagine bila dia duduk kt kdai mkn tuh..
(ilang selera nk makan pndang dier)

hows that for a fashion?

Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

nak tutup, sila tutup betul2~

fashion doesnt matter nymore kalau belah disana sini

and ingtla - dr sndr tuh siapa

bukan selebriti pon

biasa2 sudah... asalkan mcm naz ckp - appropriately sudey -

Azzam?? said...

woww... fiece comments from the ladies.. =D muahahha

Azzam?? said...


hana_lalalala said...

yeah. dress accordingly. no need to be overdress.

i especially hate those people who wear sunglasses in the mall.

i mean? WTF kan?


izfelani said...

couture la lu azam.

opaq said...


such a perfect time aku baca post ko ni...
tadi aku baru je terlihat dishopping complex,girls wearing tudung putar2+baju nampak pusat...

tak sejuk ke...??agak2la kan..aku yg pakai sweater ni pon dah, kat kelantan dah 3 hari hujan..non-stop...tambah pulak dinginnya shopping mall tu...

huhuh..aku hanya gelak...tapi masih pandang awek2 tu...

atira said...

wow interesting view.

haha but i definitely agree with your view on malaysians who suddenly started wearing clothes which belongs to the 'colder' hemisphere.

err, winter coat with faux fur on a steaming hot day? right.

and yes, we girls don't have to show too much skin to look sexy. :)

Azzam?? said...

hana: yg pakai sunglasses dalam mall tu... diorang lupa include tongkat skali tu.. and untuk lengkapkan fashion tu.. kena ada tisu atau kalendar.. and kena ada kawan sorang pimpin tangan.. pelik.. tuhan bagi anugerah sempurna deria, dia nak pura2 cacat plak.. =D ngehehhehe

opaq: tayangan pusat ketika bertudung adalah umpama nak kuruskan badan, gi jogging jauh2 nak kuruskan badan.. pastu gi berhenti makan roti telur dua.. hot choc.. pastu topap plak nasi lemak kat atas... sia2.. =D

faidz: errr... faidz.. just 2cents only... bukannya rm200... so my opinion doesn't make me a couture yet.. =D

atira: good that we agreed on that.. dont get me wrong.. i am 'for' fashion.. just against the wrong ones je.. =D i like your blog btw.. sangat unique!!

atira said...

haha thanks. ;)

yep, definitely into fashion but against the wrong ones.

H&F said...

fashion is expression of your individuality... But sometimes people are just waaaaay too "expressive" for comfort=)

Azam, fashion ko aku ingat! Dirty jeans, boxers and all ur t-shirts.


Azzam?? said...

Hanef: yeaahh... waayy too expressive for their own comfort as well.. =D

owwhh.. fashion sense aku dah berubah sket.. skang bukan dirty jeans.. tapi 'dirty' jeans yg manufactured punya.. boxers dan tak nampak dan tak baggy cam dulu.. and t-shirts, up sket dah with some experimentation here and there.. =D

abszynth said...

hi! first of all I have a confession. You WOULD catch me with shades in a mall. N its not cos I think I look cool but its either
1.Im having scary stage/show/shoot make up on (like spiders comin out of ure eyes etc) or
2.Need to cover sleepy eyes thanks to late night and early morning.
So next time u c someone with shades indoor please cut them some slack guys.

Secondly, I dont get why some guys think that jeans is the official outfit for Every occasion! casual does not mean jeans so please avoid wearing them like ALL THE TIME.

Thirdly, I totally agree with the rule of balance, where if there is more skin showing on top then the bottom half shud be covered up and vice a verse. I gota say it really looks cheap if not. So janganla...or get a jacket!

Fourthly, some of our a malls are so cold I dunno who or what they trying to kill...perhaps its a ploy so that they can sell winter clothing to Malaysians =p

fyna said...

ur totaly right.
dun hve to overdress.

Azzam?? said...

abs: ngehehehe... okay okayy.. gotcha on the shades in mall part.. u're pardoned (as if u need my approval laa plak.. =p)

owwhh.. i do wear cargo pants and what not.. but not the bright yellow one laa.. that's just too crazy. but jeans.. somehow.. it feels like home laa.. xD

malls.. good.. LUCT plaza.. no no no! =p

fyna: yeaaa.. overdress.. but that's not an excuse to not dress up.. =D