Friday, 17 July 2009

Pesta musika dunia hutan hujan...

i know this one cam dah overdue kaw2 punya... tapi im gonna post it anyway.. for me.. rainforest world music festival was awesome!! im not gonna say much and i'll let the pictures do the talking lah.. with some caption from me tho.. dont worry lah.. i'll spare you from our nonsense camwhoring and just focus lebih kepada the event..

Figura 1.1 Selamat datang!!

Figura 1.2 when you have one of this, it'd surely help.

Figura 1.3 Stringed instruments workshop

bagi aku.. yang paling menarik bout RWMF ni adalah kerana workshops yang di handle pada siang harinya. performer akan adakan workshop di 3 area berbeza dan focus terhadap a certain aspect of music..

Figura 1.4 Crowd di Iban longhouse, venue 1

and of course during all these workshops, people can participate, interact which rarely happens in other music festivals. inilah bagi aku, daya penarik sebenar festival ini and it'd appeal to all music lovers out there jugak.

Figura 1.5 Workshop in Dewan Lagenda, venue 2

music here, yang aku maksudkan bukanlah music popular.. tapi cinta pada music accros genre, culture, ethnicity.. the world lah basically.. and of course pada people yang main instruments.. they could appreciate and relate to during these workshops

Figura 1.6 Crowd yang attended the workshop

Figura 1.7 Workshop bamboo instrments kat Main theatre, venue 3

Figura 1.8 Lampu ballroom ala periuk kera yang cun!

Figura 1.9 Crowd menunggu hari gelap di main stage

Figura 2.0 Propaganda H1N1 juga turut di selit.. the 1st rainforest 'masquerade' music festival

so here are some of the performers in action..

it was a great experience to be there.. a refreshing new stuff than just mope around in KL je. im absolutely looking forward to more trips in the future..

*credit to Panida Lorlertratna for pictures

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