Thursday, 22 April 2010


This is definitely one of the best student work ever. a masterpiece i tell you! =D let me 'transcribe' it for you.

Q: Are men and women created equally? Discuss your opinion in not less than 200 words.

No, Beacause men handle responsibilities, therefore all leader on the world are men for example Lim%&*($#* is man. men do not have monthly period. men dont have verginity to lose, men have strong heart, men follow their mind not his emotion. men reached moon. men can do any things. all scientists on the earth are men, men can have money. men are smarter than another one. men naturally beautiful. they do not need make up to wear.

the last sentance would definitely make you go WTF~?? hahahahah so.. all you make up wearing men.. take it of!! you're beautiful already! gahahahahaha


~ indah ~ said...


equally versus fairly..

equal means the same... it cant be the truth. so, i agreed with the text but it does not mean that women are the least from men.

both sexes share pros and cons, that's why, to mate, we need each other. haahahah

btw; what a scary and eerie handwriting. this person is in stress.. hahah.. because he's making me stress. haha

erykkun said...

have you put something into their mind nurazam?

hana_lalalala said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahah

what mark did you give???

something funny to share. i came across this sentense while marking the matrix exam paper.

"I was born from my mother's thumb"


Azzam?? said...

i know it's wrong... but marking students' work is entertainment for me =D

Hafez Zahruddin said...

priceless! Ahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

"men can also be stupid. as demonstrated by me" LOL