Sunday, 1 June 2008

Tribute to our music champion!

It was the time of the decade, back in the 90s.. I was just a high school student.. Music is something soooo large.. Having two brothers and a sister kinda like widened up my horizon on musical selection. The eldest is an all out metal, with music like megadeth, helloween, iron maiden.. the second one, is leaning towards the fusion and what made up the new genres like what now we call rap rock or nu-age with bands like Faith no more, Primus, Downset. The sister, she's an all out pop music but kinda into what her brothers into as well.. It was that time of the decade that when i switched on the TV, a new program called Alternatif started airing with all the hypes of our local flavors. It was back at that moment I was introduced to the band Butterfingers.

At first I wasn't impressed by the distinct sound of Nirvana in their 1st album. Even with all the hype that surrounded the band, i couldn't care less about.. not until they found their true sound in the following albums. They matured into Butterfingers, out from the grunge stereotyping of that season.. out from "owh.. you sound sooo Nirvana" comments from the critiques. They're the pride of our local music, the other side that is.. and i have never met any MCKK students that isn't fond of the band (the band members are mostly the ol' boys). Every musician from Ipoh that i've met must have mentioned the band's name once in a while.. So here we go.. My entry, tribute to our local music heroes.. The Butterfingers!

By the way, please pay attention to the news reel in the video. There are some amusing things, playing the sarcasm card for what's happening in our country.


Among my favorite quotes from the newsreel would be:-

"Osama Ben Laden telah dijumpai di Las Vegas, Texas, ketika bermain Jackpot."

"Presiden Bush telah meletak jawatannya sebagai Presiden Amerika Syarikat kerana ingin meneruskan pembelajaran di pusat pengajian tinggi di LUCT."

"Angkasawan negara digesa kerajaan Rusia supaya menjelaskan bayaran sepenuhnya, di atas lawatan sambil bercuti beliau ke angkasa lepas pada Novermber 2007."

I just LOVE it.. =D bands with wisdom and brains are always in my radar.

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