Friday, 6 June 2008


This is really only all I have
("This insanity kept me sane..)
Night light, neon, neon and fluorescent
(.. for every tears i once shed..)
A smile, a laughter, and insanity that makes no sense
(.. was carried away by it..)
Cycling void, and faces of friends
(.. cant live without insanity as..)
The softest touch cuts the deepest
(.. it'll bring back all the things i hate..)
And now this is really all I have
(.. blankets me warmly..)
Night light, neon, neon and fluorescent
(.. embracing my fragile heart..)
These words cant carry
(.. so it wouldn't break anymore")
The weight of a history
And in due time
It will be alright.

Equine park, June 6, 2008. 5.44am


Liyana said...

azzam,u've been tagged by me!see my blog

hana_lalalala said...


hana_lalalala said...

caring is sharing. care to share?

Azzam?? said...
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Azzam?? said...

yeaa yeaaa.. im sharing laaaa.. =D