Thursday, 12 June 2008

Tag.. schemeeeTAG..

Aiyaaaakk.. i really dont get all this tagging and what not.. well.. i would usually be too lazy to do it.. but seems that she(Liyana) insisted.. so here we go..

1) What is the most important thing in your life?

* my limbs and vital organs

2) What is the last thing that you bought with your own money?

* movie ticket?

3) Where do you wish to get married?

* in front of my house

4) How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?

* I am my own!!

5) Are you in love?

* always in love.. with lots of other important things

6) Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?

* Mohsin

7) Name the latest book that you bought?

* I dont read books.. they're like the greatest torture machine

8) What is your full name?

* Muhamad Nurazam bin Abdul Ghani

9) Do you prefer your mother or father?

* i need both to actually come into existence

10) Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time.

* Maria Ozawa
* Jennifer Love Hewwit
* Johny Depp

11) Christina or Britney?

* Christina

12) Do you do your own laundry?

* yeapp..

13) The most exciting place you want to go?


14) Hugs or kisses?

* hugs first.. then kisses.. then.. u know where..

15) Point out 5 things about the person who tagged you.


* she is obviously Liyana
* she's psycho
* she talks fast
* she's a gossip girl
* she's my junior

16)8 things I am passionate about:

* music
* love
* writing
* gaming
* sports
* plamo
* eating
* romantic medieval life

17)8 things I say too often:

* pungkoq
* pungkur
* weeeiiii...
* camni arr.. camni arr..
* teloq hang
* wei makcik (applies to any women that i know)
* pala angguk hang
* wasszzaap

18)8 books I've read recently:

* -
* -
* -
* -
* -
* -
* -
* -

19)8 songs I could listen to over and over again:

* emery-ponytail parade
* funeral for a friend-juneau
* from first to last-ride the wings of pestilence
* underoath-reinventing the exit
* alexisonfire-little girls pointing and laughing
* John Meyer-Gravity
* Andra-Sempurna
* Deftones-Be quiet and drive

20)8 things I learned last year:

i didnt learn anything.. as im still the same

I'm tagging:

whoever feels like doing this...


husni said...

hek elen

Ain said...

to quote husni, "hek elen".. well said! =p

Liyana said...

i was tagged by a fren,so i tagged others to torture them...muahaha.
wei..ko panggil aq psycho??siottt

Azzam?? said...

to aind ang hus kus: hak elah.. =D

ain: yeap... ko mmg psycho pun.. =p

hana_lalalala said...

ok i nak quote husni and ain

hek elen

Azie said...

3) Where do you wish to get married?

* in front of my house

..pastu jamu roti canai and everyone makan guna talam.

hana_lalalala said...

wahahhahahah thats so cruel!!!

Azzam?? said...

waaaaa... that sounds like a good plan!! =D my side punya kenduri laaa.. muhahahaha

Angel On My Bike said...

gedik seh.biaq btoi niii...

Faiza Muhamad said...

i can listen to emery's ponytail parade too! again and again and again...
i'm faiza btw, shida's friend