Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Next in line...

After having years (i can put the 's' now since it's more than one xD) of experience in working, I'm kinda like at ease with everything already. Yeap, it is different from my college years.. But still, working doesn't really translate to negligence of your close friends. I've been keeping up with everything and with most people i hold dear. There are some who are just not reachable, it is not that i dont care for them anymore. Even on weeknights, I'd still try my very best to say "yes" to any invitation, be it a mamak session, going for movies, some nocturnal activities, footsal, fusbal etc etc.. Life, friendship, it's kinda like synonymous and interrelated.

Now, back to talking bout works. The semester has ended for most of my students and if you're looking through my eyes, it would be like this...

Yes, I'm down with marking students' assignments and their final exam scripts. It's a bit tedious and the process is consuming much of my quality times with friends (sorry Sey Sey, sbb tak dapat turun for Tom Yam). And if you notice, that's not my table in the office, in fact, i prefer to do it in the teacher's lounge. Nothing beats the comfy sofa and i could plug my ears to loud mp3s to pump the adreinaline. My other source of entertainment would be answers from my students.
For example:-
Part 2: Write a topic sentence for each of the following paragraphs. Remember to include both the topic and the controlling idea.

Paragraph 1
English speakers relaxing at home, for example, may put on kimonos, which is a Japanese word. English speakers who live in a warm climate may take an afternoon siesta on an outdoor patio without realizing that these are Spanish words. In their gardens, they may enjoy the fragrance of jasmine flowers, a word that came into English from Persian. They may even relax on a chaise while snacking on yogurt, words of French and Turkish origin, respectively. At night, they may shampoo their hair and put on pajamas, words from the Hindi language of India.
And their answer was..
"A lot of foreign language in English. The English are stealing all our words!"
Well.. whatever! hahahaha... This weekend (after I'm done with all the marking and grading of course) I'm heading to Sarawak for a friend's wedding. I'm also hanging out with some of my buddies who are back in Sarawak after graduating. Looking forward for that, beaching, hanging out, barbecue-ing and all.. woot woot~! (in reference to Husni). Hahahhaah


Ohkulala said...

hahaha... i remember how my mum used to mark all her students work and assignments and i had to total up their marks!

hana_lalalala said...

nak ikut go sarawakkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

best gile!!! ive never been to sarawak. how sad is that?

i didnt know shampoo is a Hindi word. funny nye!!

and azam! remove the word verification!!!!

Azzam?? said...

ohkulala: xD yup yup.. i had to do that also.. but now im done with everything! yippeeee!!! =p so, u have some experience being a lecturer laa eh??

hana: nak ikut?? go get a tick now!! im going friday morning and will be back sunday evening. (if u wana go laa.. =p) and hana.. the word verification stays.. im giving u guys some finger exercises xD

hana_lalalala said...


husni said...

woot woot ~~~!!!

Azzam?? said...

hana: jahat is my middle name..

husni: weeeee.. the woot woot king responded! xD

Fiqa said...

wahahahah.... cikgu cikgu... i used to play cikgu2 when i was small.. and mark mark tick tick page by page... hahah! woah..must be tiring huh.. especially the one with bad bad hand writing.

Azzam?? said...

Fiqa: waaa.. u main cikgu2 ek? dulu i like playing combat2 but end up with mark mark tick tick! xD marking assignments? luckily they're typewritten.. kalo yg exam tu.. headache gak laa.. why dont u be a lecturer as well?? Jay pun dulu kat sini gak! =)