Sunday, 24 August 2008

music of the nights..

I spent all night awake just now.. kinda like bored and got nothing much to do anyway. and plus it's a sunday already. i can have a lie in and not worry a thing. kinda like browsed(not eyebrow you morons!) youtube and stumbled upon some nice MTV parodies..

the best one(for me.. well this is my blog.. so my opinion is basically the rule!) would be a nice '7 things i hate about you' parody done by Mr Dave Days. the song is well recorded and the video is done quite nicely. lyrics been altered to 7 things i hate about cardboard Miley Cyrus he's in love with. here.. have a look..

yeaa.. yeaaa... i know... Miley Cyrus is my guilty pleasure. and her song is kinda cute xD. well i cant be listening to Lambofgod on repeat right? need some sweet girl singing too.. u know.. =p and this parody works as well.

next one would be a linkin park parody. like hell yeah!! the lyrics smacks them(LP and their fans) right between the eyes. i can tolerate LP, still, if u compare to other songs in the radio. but that would only happen in the car as im too lazy to burn, buy or even bring them cds to my car. xD so this parody kinda like criticized almost every aspect of the band, and it's cleverly done. have a peek..

i would usually hate the songs which are on repeat on each of the god damn radio station (and tvs too). so here is a good parody of an overplayed song by rihanna, umbrella, done in the most exquisite manner.. just watch!! condemn me later xD

how do you like it?? xD excellent isn't it? wahahhahahaha *evil laugh

a parody was also made on Shakira, mocking her accent since she's from colombia. i have nothing against her, and love her whenever she sings 'underneath your clothes' to me.. but it's just funny. sorry shakira.. u know i love u =p

the last one, a parody of kitty(katie?? kate?? Katy?? well whatever!) perry's 'i kissed a girl'. owh.. in Malaysia it's called 'i kissed' only since our wise o' government, board of cencorship whatever whatever are not allowing such suggestive prose to influence our young girls. the title only, the song we can.. xD so... being your typical Malaysian man, im rooting for this one as it delivers directly what we should embrace. so here it goes.. 'i kicked a girl' by petercoffin.

hehehehehe.. how does it feel girls/women/ladies?? well if you asked me.. petercoffin could've done better with the video but the song is just nice! xD woot woot!! i hate this song (as in the original one lahh!).. like seriously.. but i sometimes find myself humming or singing it thanks to the mighty / tv and other stations for the constant brainwashing and repeat.

*note to self, sing 'i kicked a girl' instead of 'i kissed a girl' next time around.


SuGR said...

hey. yeah how'd you find me? my sister? u mean sue? heheh i wouldn't know.. i think she's alright though :)

how r u?

hana_lalalala said...

awwww i sometimes watch hannah montana. i like it. it's funny! haha

and miley is a sweet girl :)

SuGR said...

i have a sister named JULIE? maybe you mean JULIA as in my niece or SAFI as in my sister..