Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Self Centered Shit!! (mine!!!)

According to some friends, i am currently suffering from a major trauma and in a defensive mode when it comes to relationship. They said that I am building a wall around me by putting a LOT of criteria and being fussy about it. This, as they claimed, will put me on a safe zone and thus disabling me from making any progress with any new found relationship even though the chemistry is there.

Another school of thought has devised somewhat a different theory to it. They are saying that I am too of a 'best friend' type than the 'boyfriend materia'l, not having the ego to really keep them interested. According to them, I am the 'nice guy' type and everybody know that nice guys are the last thing a girl want as a bf (eventhough they claim they want a nice guy, just wanna be loved and all, don't be fooled!! xD).

[*all the statement are based on what friends have said to me. I didn't in any way alter the information to make it more dramatic and doesn't intend to cause any personal or emotional harm to the people involved. I value your concerns and I know you guys care about me.. =D]

Okay.. okaayyy.. cut the CRAP!! Do I look traumatized to you?? Do you think I'll be having seizures the moment a girl passes by? Frozen perhaps? Just give me a hot girl and lets see how traumatized am I.. xD muahahhaha *evil laughs! Me, being selective doesn't mean that I am not willing to or that I am gay. It's just that I couldn't really get all the ingredient right yet. I wanna be sure (yeaa.. yeaaa.. i know.. we're not making a car here.. so no guarantees!).. I wanna make a masterpiece.. not some junk that'll end up in the attic.

Figure 1.1 Do i look traumatized here??

So... I am the best friend type huh?? I'm just wondering, with this sharp mouth of mine, I could offend a flock of girls in a matter seconds.. So you still think I am the best friend type huh? Nice? That one, it's not for me to judge.. But all i can say is.. Life has never been better than right now. Friends all around, to share tears and laughters.. More time to myself and my interest.. More $$ to spend on what I always wanted.. More freedom in doing what ever shit I wanted.. So, you tell me, is there anything wrong with that?? xD

Figure 2.2 Liquid 'bestfriend' oozing out and beaming with 'nice' guy's aura

Verdict: Let it comes naturally.. when it happens, it happens.. xD


The Caped Crusader said...

Well, we'll still be excited if you ever find one someday.

hana_lalalala said...

kikikiki feel like laughing so hard. who said that? best friend type? nice? traumatize?...

no no. those aren't correct.

u are not traumatize. u just want the 'right' one to come along. no more 'cinta monyet'. correct? while a lot of girls can interest u, chemistry and such, u still find flaws in them. why settle for someone with flaws when u can get a flawless one? right? and i dont mean perfect. no one is. but we put a standard to our next 'sweetheart'. until now, the girls u met, haven't reached the standard u want.

remember u told me about chocolate mars bar? hehe...

best friend... hmmm well i admit that u have been a good friend. u lend shoulders to cry on. but i know u can be completely different with a girlfriend.

nice? well, hmmm... i guess it depends on who's judging... to me, u mmg makan dalam sometimes with your words... hmmmm lets just say, ur social life isn't up to my standard i set for my guy. hehe

let nature do her job. let that u***z*h come by herself.


The Birdman said...

tah ko ni. lepak kuching la baru daring~

saje nak rhyme

Azie Nazri said...

hehehehehehehehehe. this post is sooo funny.

azam, azam.
they said ur the nice type?
ur friends mesti nak jaga hati u ni.
that is afterall, what friends are for. :p

ur nothing but mean to me.
HAHA. ok, kidding.. kidding.
ofcourse ur a nice guy. u listened to me babble about the psycho when actually i know u dreaded listening to each word that i had to say.
but u listened anyway, didnt u?
so yeaa, ur nice. ;p

but azam, seriously u need to chill.
like i said last night, you are soooo sensitive sometimes!! for a guy, i mean.
i can be sensitive all i want. :p

and like i said before, she'll find u someday. without u even having to search. so yes, lets enjoy this singlehood of ours while we own it.

when ur happy, it shows. from ur words. from the way u smile. and from the way u treat other people.
so if ur happy, u wont be mean!

peace! make love! not war! :p

hana_lalalala said...

so true azie nazri!!!

mmg azzam is a sensitive type. emo2 tak tentu pasal.

sebab tu la Ain cakap u PMS!!!


no hard feelings mate. u know i care about u :p

Azzam?? said...

azie: emo ye?? mmg laaa.. sbb i kan suka emo rock! Michael Learns to Roc.. ehh.. My Chemical Romance rocks!!! hahahaha

Hana: PMS is actually a sexually discriminating acronym! since the modern world demand equality, so men have rights to be sensitive and have their own PMSes! We are presidents, u wanna be presidents, u can be clingy sensitive, useless and annoying, why can we men be that as well?? hahahahah *evil laughs

Cath said...

You're the kind of person that looks like u don't care about others but u actually do...
Am i rite?

U look like the reincarnation of a serial killer...am i rite?


hana_lalalala said...

azzam, i do not even want to be the president.

you guys come on!!! vote on 'who would u date!!!'

poll on my page

previous chapter said...

he dat fears not de future may enjoy de present,

let go evrything.

Azzam?? said...

cat: im confused now.. hmmm which one cat?? xD hahahaha

hana: so.. u like being the dmsel in distress ek?? heheheh good good

previous chapter: your deep and profound words failed to get through my thick skull of ignorance and my subconscious trust of the future, present and the spelling of 'the' xD muahahhaha