Sunday, 21 September 2008

Look Out! It's a tower..

Figure 1.1 "Membaca budaya kita"

As you can see.. Reading IS the culture of this country. Eventhough it's 1 out of three, but we cant discredit that right? It's just that the others are more interested in engaging 'meaningful' conversations. The essence of meaningful conversation by Malaysian standard; 'Ape cher beb?', '(insert name) apa cerita beb?', '(insert team bola or match) apa cher weih?' etc..

Figure 1.2 " the city I live in, the city of angels.. Lonely as I am, together we cry.." -Under the bridge by RHCP

Other than that.. we have an obsession and crazy indulgence of food. Where else in this world that we could eat good food 3am in the morning and find food stalls.. mamaks in almost every corner of the city?

Figure 1.3 Gluttony is our middle name

People can be what they want to be in this lovely nation of ours. We decide our destiny (yeaa.. yeaa.. eventhough choice itself is just an illusion) and people can do whatever they wanna do here.. To be successful.. to be retarded.. to be acknowledged.. to be rejected..

Figure 1.4 We chose to be like this

Well that wraps up another outing of ours.. In our own Utopia where the people and faces is all that mattered.. Life is your sky, paint it blue or cloud it white, come rain or shine, the people next to you will make the sky meaningful for both you and them..

Figure 1.5 We're the star of our own movie of life

Figure 1.6 Production crew of the movie

Set location: Look out tower, Ampang
& around Kuala Lumpur city
Time spent on set: 5.30pm - 3.00am


Rashida Rafar said...

good post!

husni said...

*city of angels

Azzam?? said...

shida: tengkiu2.. =D

husni: done! =D

SedapnyaJaemah said...

Hey.i know you from intec!

The Birdman said...

aku rindu spaghetti aquarium William. *slurp

hana_lalalala said...

cantik gambars!

Azzam?? said...

jaemah: waaa... wish i could say the same.. but tak nampak your face pun at your blog. =P

bert: wohooo.. baru semalam je aku gi william bert oii.. makan nasi goreng ketam (akuarium udang dan ketam) and premium daging =D di follow up dengan rbena laici yg buah laici satu tin tu! =D

hana: cantik gak laa.. jom gi william laa hana.. berbuka

The Birdman said...

uish! sedapnye!

mimi.nadd.wannie. said...

Yesss....saya a level medicine.i know farhana and i think we passed each other on the stairway everyday balik dari cafe everyday!

Azzam?? said...

bert: =D come over laaa deii...

M.N.W: wow.. we must've passed each other a lot since u emphasized on everyday twice. =D nice to finally to be able to communicate with ya


*waves hand*