Thursday, 11 September 2008

Tagged: 15 facts

Im tagged again.. This time by Shida.. I could just ignore.. but it's Shida man.. i just couldn't..(0_0) So here we go..

Rules :1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. 2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. 3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. 4. No tags back!!

ichi- my head and neck vertical alignment is off.. so kepala aku akan senget and send the message 'What the hell is your problem huh?". That's why i smile cheesily a lot to counter that demeaning vibe

nii- i crack (and act) a lot of gay jokes but in reality im a homophobic. i refuse to watch Brokeback Mountain and despise the story regardless of how many positive comments and awards won. dont wanna have the same effect from "To Wong Foo, thanks for everything! Julie Newmar" had on me

san- eyebrow (yea.. it's not plural demnit!) .... er.. lets not go there.. it's well-known already

yon- i love matchmaking people. if i think two people look nice together, i would really pull some strings for them to meet more and eventually hook up. nothing beats the feeling of seing your friends in love and happy. but then again to make it last is up to them. owhh.. one drawback.. it works wonders for others but cant really say the same thing for myself (-.-)

go- i collect a lot of big boys' toys.. especially model kit like Gundam and Macross. my friends would say that i am crazy enough to spend a couple of hundreds for one plastic model.

roku- i love to annoy people in identifying those who would stay through thick and thin. it's also a gauge for me on how far i can push people. life at the edge is always interesting =D

nana- my palm sweats like crazy.. something notable when i pass the PS2 controller to my friend "what the fuck.. ko ni hydro man ke?"

hatchi- i am actually a super hero (syyhh.. jgn bgtau orang!!). my super power is ignorance and "couldn't care less" is my motto. used to be super man, but that only happens when i am in love (i know.. it's been 3 years since i last don the super suit. =p)

kyu- i used to have a dream on beacoming a 'Tok Mudim' when i grow up. was scared shit by my older friends who had their close encounter earlier than me. so i wanted to become one and then spread fear among younglings. but now, working as a lecturer grants me the same power as well xD muahahahaha

ju- i am actually labelled as a 'jack of all trade' by friends as i can engage in, be in, and do almost anything but without anything over the top. kinda like the utility man in a football team where he can defend, attack and be the goalkeeper if he needs to.

ju-ichi- i am extra hyper and excited in water.. make it bathtubs, swimming pools, hot springs or water falls. my friends said that i kena sampuk jin air.

ju-ni- i can go on and on without sleep. i dont believe in afternoon naps, if you wana sleep.. u sleep. there's no nap! the longest streak of sleeplessness would be 3 days 3 nights.. playing Football Manager with Hamzah and Herbert.

ju-san- i love torned jeans. almost all my pants are seasoned looking and that grants them the name seluaq lombong from my friends.

ju-yon- when driving, i enjoy blocking people who love to cut lines and not budging for people who doesn't know that their car have signal lights.

ju-go- obsessed with medieval items and planning to decorate my living room with crossed swords and shield on the wall, a display case of katana and wazikashi, a display of samurai battle armour, medieval paintings... and the list goes on and on..

There you have it! 15 facts about me.. now im gonna tag.... zizaleena, HUSNI (take it as a self reflection session), Kulvinder, the beloved MDGs (yes, the 3 of you!), Mr MM perhaps?? Malina, Cat, Liyana, Ikram, Hafriz and the rest lah.. who stumbled upon this. xD


The Birdman said...

no worries. seluaq lombong is ur trademark :>

LIYANA said...

hoi org yg ske pakai seluaq lomboq..xyah dh lame laa wat mende nih..hahaha

erykkun said...

wahh 3 beloved MDGs.... interesting:D

Azzam?? said...

bert: heheheh suaq lombong forever xD

liyana: tanak buat sudah.. =p

ery: heheheh tu pun kalo diorang nak buat laa.. aku mai tag aje.. xD

Anonymous said...

fufu..x abih2 ngan suar lombong


Azzam?? said...

ina: bilamasa aku cakap ngan ko pasal suaq lombong? -.-

Fiqa said...

interesting... =)
where have u been...? how come i don't see u around at my bloggie world anymore..? =(
anyway, i eat nasi kandar just now! nyummy! teringat u.. teehee

Azzam?? said...

fiqa: =D been a bit busy lah ms fiqa.. but i ada text u several time.. owhh.. bloggie tu.. baca my previous entry.. kena potong laa net.. =P bila u nak claim our nasi kandar session nie?

hana_lalalala said...

Mr MM???

Mahathir Mohammad ke?


Azzam?? said...

hana: mahathir?? buatpe.. fakta pasal dia dah bersepah dah.. im talking bout mr melayu minimalis.. tapi i rasa dia takkan buat.. sbb dia mmg secretive pasal diri dia.. =D

LIYANA said...

hoittt dh wat laaa lamerrrr dulu biler izlin tag aq,28/8/2008..hahaha...haih..bace nih

..bukan tak nak wat...ish222222

H&F said...

"jack of all trades, master at none" bapak aku suke ckp mcm tuh..

Azzam?? said...

hanef: well.. as adam savage of mythbuster would say "Jack of all trades, master of none, though often better than a master of one"