Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Remember remember.. 16th of September

Revolusi.. perubahan.. janji.. kata2.. kota.. opressi(macam ni ke ejaan nya dalam bahasa melayu?)

untuk apa?? mengapa? apa sudahnya??

A to all: "Remember remember the 16th of September!"

A: "I can assure you, i mean you no harm.."
S: "Who are you??"
A: "Who is but the form, following the function of what, and what i am is a man of justice."
S: "I can see that.."
A: "Of course you can.. I'm not questioning your power of observation but merely remarking the paradox of asking a man in politics is he fighting for justice."
S: "Huh?"
A: "Then allow me to introduce you to this dramatis persona.."

"Ahoi! In view, an honorable analyst accountable of acerbic animation, cast antagonistically as an anal-lictic adulterer and acme aegis of justice by the alternating nature of Fate.

This appearance, no mere 'Ali' in the last allegiance, abdicated through series of abashed fictional actuality. AWOL-ed abruptly in an act of arrogating one's appanage and appease the ambivalents. However, this aberrant adult with agate abhor of the public abattoir will adjure in adagio an ascension of an apt justice.

The verdict is all-out-war; with an amplified amour propre, the accounted waiting the advent and amass an alteration after aeons of abominable acquiesce. Through altercation and the affray will one day be an accentuate acolade to adjure the here-after.

Accordingly, this activist of accustomed animosity is accountable for an introduction, and so it is my very good honor to meet you and you may call me A."

dipetik dari filem "A for 'Apekejadah'??"

Silalah berlatih menyebutnya sebegini... =D

Apa yang aku merepek ni?? (-.-)


Heiso said...

Tah nye.. ape ko merepek ni Zam? Aku faham sampai part skrip V for vendetta tu je. then. gone.

Azzam?? said...

refer dictionary! wahahahaha

Azzam?? said...

owwhh... refer to this as well!

Anonymous said...

Genius! Tetiba aku kepingin sgt nak buat 'ta'ruf' / ice-breking session dgn students aku mcm nih la.
Mohon share ye, Thanks.