Saturday, 20 December 2008

project cosplay

semua orang tau apa itu cosplay right? alaaa... dressing up like your favorite character from an anime/game/movie etc. aku memang suka melihat effort yang people pun into changing their plain old self to the vibrant characters yang diorang suka. kalo nak cosplay.. semua mesti nak select character2 cool2 je.. been talking bout this with some of my friends and they agreed that one character that i can cosplay with minimal effort. ada yg cakap i dont even need a costume for it pun to look like him..
figure 1.1 Retsu Ichijoji and yours truly

For those who cant really quite recall who's this guy.. watch this to refresh your memory

so... checklist aku untuk project gaban adalah..
  • jacket coklat (preferably kulit)
  • biker glove coklat
  • gold chain for left shoulder
  • custom space sherif logo kat right shoulder
  • t-shirt hitam
  • rantai besi besar kat leher
  • seluar putih (jeans preferably)
  • boot kulit kaler cream
at least kena try bagi dapat camni pun okay laa... (yes, super hero pun grow old lah..)

Chibi Japan Expo 2008 by flexgraph.
Figure 1.2 Kenji Oba (Mr Gaban himself)


Anonymous said...


Atira. said...

haha i think you can pull it off!

moon : hmm? manade anime je. ramai je orang buat cosplay for movies like star wars and lord of the rings. or series like ultraman, power rangers and cybercop.

not just anime characters lah. :)

cosplay = costume play

so any characters yang ada costume pon boleh. cuma what i noticed is in malaysia, when they hear the word 'cosplay', the only thing that they came to their mind only anime characters.


Azzam?? said...

moon: cik tira sudah menjawab persoalan anda.. =D tq tira babe!

atira: hey tira.. kalo u nak cosplay gak.. what character yg u bleh pull off nicely?

Atira. said...

gimme sometime to think first.

Izuan said...
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Izuan said...

Aku teringin nak jadi 'Mevyn Nooj' from Final Fantasy X-2 tapi macam seksa jer nak dress up jadi dia huhuhu..

Ni haa rupa 'Mevyn Nooj' tuh

Azzam?? said...

atira: so.. what's your call babe??

izuan: giler complicated weih.. mr gaban ni yg aku senang cosplay... kalo yg aku naaak cosplay would be.. iori yagami from king of fighter

Atira. said...

uhh i still can think of any!

i dont have the look at all. :P

Anonymous said...

hahahaa mr gaban.

antusabun said...

Gaban?? Sape ader stok citer tu? Time aku darjah satu tu.. kesatria baja hitam pun tak wujud lagi