Sunday, 7 December 2008

What the movie Twilight really needs...

1- a fair share of violence.. WTF, u're makin a story bout bloodsuckers.. things shouldn't be that nice and all mushy-mushy. u're making even the nicest of vampires like angel, spike and buffy the vampire slayer laugh their ass off.

2- a decent CG animators cuz they don't even have a decent one. the CGs are like something people did with the 'Lois & Clark: The new adventures of superman' back in the 90s.. for god's sake... do something about it..

3- don't be ashamed of getting a stuntman to do the stunts.. especially things involved with cables and what not. can people even call that, fighting??

here's an example of a good vampire movie... well it's an anime actually.. you can have the love element.. but please.. do it right.. =D

Kurozuka, an anime based on a real Noh play of the same title.


husni said...

*laugh their ass off.

husni said...


atira said...

read the book.
havent get the chance to watch the movie yet.

Violetz said...

Not really the boost that I need
right now.. Hehe..
Sebab really2 nak tgk, tp blum ada masa nak pegi... But..

From what I observe, this form of comments only come from the guys..


Azzam?? said...

atira: go watch the movie with mr boyfie lah.. xD

violetz: yeap... because guys need to maintain their level of macho'ness and not admitting that they kinda like this movie.. xD muahahah

atira said...

yea la mr.boyfie had been busy.
but will do!