Friday, 14 May 2010

Stranded staircase..

ni si bayne amik gambar and post kat facebook dia. a poem i wrote looong ago dalam one of her book. 2005-2006 kot.. even i cant recall.

Fallen steps and stranded staircase

Where would this end
after our faith was torn
and the oath has worn
it was good to hold you
it felt right to love you
but too good to make it last for a lifetime
your smile seems jaded
the distance between us
the story of us
it.. it's all faded
every strand of my hair kneels
restraining my tears
my steps fallen and life is a stranded staircase


Hafez Zahruddin said...


Azzam?? said...

hahahaha ngeng laa ko hafez! poyo mende?

Hafez Zahruddin said...

Emo la kununnye tu...

***Melarikan diri, kayuh beskal laju laju***

Azzam?? said...

ini tahun bila punya cerita daa.. saje je tampal.. sbb si bayne gi scan and letak facebook dia.