Monday, 31 May 2010

Puteraaa farsi dan pasir masa!

Aku rasa sekarang, penterjemah wayang sudah mula conscious dengan pendapat awam. beberapa movie yang aku tonton lately sudah tidak lagi menterjemahkan tajuk movie tersebut (yg selalunya end up jadi bahan gelak). oleh yang demikian.. 'prince of persia: sand of time' tidak diterjemahkan menjadi 'putera farsi: pasir masa'... alaaaaaaa... now they dont have any sense of humour anymore ke? tak best betul! apa2 pun... movie tersebut saaaangat mantap.. better than clash of titans and even alice. they were loyal to the franchise, the game and they were kind to the general public watching it without ever knowing the game. people may find some flaws here and there, but for me.. the movie was satisfying enough (im not that hard to please kan?).

well lets see how prince of persia has evolved..

then this..
woww... macho macho macho!!
to a guy 'good in taking orders' from a chic..
to.. yes.. a guy who can really take orders from a chic
well... i dont blame him.. princess tamina sure is hot. i wont mind taking orders from her as well.. a feisty princess who can really argue.. hmm.. i LIKE! =D


hana_lalalala said...

i main game dia yg first sekali tu!!! best gileeee

Azzam?? said...

yeap... game yg 1st tu... legendary! u dah tengok belum the movie? better go NOW! =p