Saturday, 18 October 2008

Paint it like how you want it instead of black..

For me.. art has always been my 'thing'.. It has been part of my life in forms such as music, the game, something to draw and it can be said to be present in each aspect of everything we do. The art of cooking, the art of courting, the art of winning.. the art of losing.. it's everywhere. For one of the subject for our masters program, we have a visual art lecturer teaching curriculum development. So he made us go through an 'art therapy' session as the final class of ours. Loosin' up after focusing on all the serious issues we covered throughout the semester. The lecturer stressed that this would be a free for all art session. kinda like giving us a lot of paints and just draw.So this would be the first time for me to get my hands dirty with paint and go crazy! For me it's kinda like switching on your subconscious..
something like this!

Figure 1.1 Gabrielle a.k.a Sylar

Okay.. okayy.. I wish it would be like that.. and draw something like the end of the world or something. Now that would be cool.. =D nyeh he he~ So this is me getting on to it...

Figure 1.2 Hands on approach!

Noticed that i didn't have any paintbrush whatsoever? It's totally.. 100% made by hand. Azam's custom and each and everything was applied by these hands of mine! *proud* =D I just let my hands move as they wish and this is the final product..

Figure 1.3 The end of world? Agony? Anger?

The painting was still wet when this picture was taken.. I'll get a nice, dried-up, framed version later on ya? This one will surely be hanged in my room. Any interpretations guys? hehehehe. Well of course it's nothing close to a masterpiece. It's just uniquely my own masterpiece. Owh.. here are some of my classmates' work..

Figure 1.4 Everybody in the house!

Well.. wouldn't it be neat then to have the ability to paint the future??


husni said...

siapa jackson pollock wannabe itu?

Azzam?? said...

hoho.. ko tak kenal.. najmi..
yg ko kenal pun.. si ayie.. ex black tu.. yg ada heart baloon tu..

hana_lalalala said...

i have an art therapy lecturer for my personality class too. she is always asking us to draw this, draw that ikut suka hati kita.

she can analyze people's behavior, thinking and personality by just looking at our work. but of course, she doesn't tell us what she saw. she asked us to explain why we did all that..

it was fun. fun kan paint n stuff, azzam?

dana punye painting yg mana?

Azzam?? said...

dana punya i tak letak pun... u try tanya dia..

dana said...

kijam tul azam...x pe...mine nnt i letak later kat my blog...huhu..later means dunno when..u tau la kan???