Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Talk about 'Divine Intervention'...

I was driving my car from The Curve the other day with a friend of mine.. she lives somewhere over the MRR2 so i was sending her back home from our outing.. She's a very close friend of mine, and we share our joy and tears together since God knows when. The night before, i received her phone call.. she cried.. man.. she really cried. Why? Because the love of her life just got married. With some girl he just met.. well of course after a session at the usual 'Teh Tarik Place' i was enlighten to the fact that the guy married the girl as she was introduced to him by the family. Abandoning my friend, just like that, whom he'd known for years.

At that moment, it felt like i was still living in the 50s.. 70s.. That people would still succumb to family pressure in choosing their suitor, and it's even weird since the guy's family is the modern type and been living in KL all this while. Now back in the car, i was listening to the radio with her. Her eyes are still red as she was talking to the guy over the phone. She was determined to know where did they go wrong or any mistakes from her side. I overheard the conversation a bit.. but i preferred to listen to the radio.. as i wanted her to tell me about the conversation with both side in mind. Tears started flowing down her eyes.. slowly but surely and i heard "Syukurlah bukan sebab yang biasa.." my mind was a bit confused. "What did he say?" asked myself at that moment.

She hung up the phone and started explaining to me.. that the guy was introduced to the girl (now the wife) by the family and he was confused on to what to do. So he decided to let his faith be his guide and bended down in prayers, with the Istikharah prayer in The God Almighty's willing to guide him in making his choice. And that in his dream.. he saw the the girl he married was the one who appeared in a better manner or positive presentation or as the chosen one (i don't know because my friend didn't explain much) and thus led him to make the decision he made.

Over the radio.. i could listen the song by Jason Mraz whispering slowly, threading between our conversation. And came the part when he(Jason Mraz) sang "Before the cool done run out, I'll be giving it my bestest. Nothing's going to stop me but divine intervention......"from the song 'I'm Yours'. "Nothing's gonna stop you but divine intervention huh?" I asked myself. "Well.. in front of my nose now I can see a 'divine intervention' at work." i added in my heart. I could do nothing to comfort my friend who was shocked in awe, perhaps in some way felt offended that God worked in favor of others than her. I could see "Am i that bad to not deserve him?" written all over her face. For her, it might feel something like a 5 years old whose friend said "Alif Lam Lam Ha, sape amik berdosa" while writing it on her toy. And when the kid tried to take back his toy, the friend would say "A'aa.. tak tahu.. kalau amik berdosa!".

I dropped her off at her house and all i could say to comfort her was "Nasha, it wasn't meant to be.. don't linger on it for too long.. There might be something good out of this. He works in ways that our small mind could never comprehend". I drove back and cant help but ponder about the issue. As i was just surfing the net.. i found this little discussion:-

"Sebenarnya amal ibadah yang mengandungi unsur-unsur tilikan dan bergantung kepada mimpi semata-mata bukanlah daripada ajaran Islam. Malah Nabi s.a.w. tidak pernah mengajar umatnya agar mencerap petunjuk Allah menerusi mimpi. Fenomena menilik nasib atau jodoh melalui mimpi di kalangan masyarakat kita, lebih-lebih lagi bagi sesetengah wanita perlu diperbetulkan semula. Amalan ini dikhuatiri boleh menyebabkan berlakunya dosa syirik kepada Allah s.w.t.

Hal ini kerana manusia bukanlah tuhan yang boleh meramal apa yang berlaku. Perbuatan meramal atau menilik mimpi adalah amalan dan budaya jahiliah yang sangat ditegah oleh Islam. Firman Allah s.w.t. yang bermaksud:

Wahai orang yang beriman, bahawa sesungguhnya arak dan judi dan pemujaan berhala dan mengundi nasib adalah semata-mata amalan kotor daripada perbuatan syaitan. Oleh itu hendaklah kamu menjauhinya supaya kamu berjaya. (Al-Maidah: 90)

Perlu dijelaskan di sini bahawa tidak semua mimpi manusia itu benar. Mimpi manusia biasa pada kebiasaannya adalah mainan tidur yang berpunca daripada pengaruh iblis dan syaitan yang datang mengganggu.

Kita tidak boleh menyamakan antara mimpi manusia biasa dengan mimpi para nabi dan rasul-rasul. Mimpi bagi nabi dan para rasul adalah wahyu dari Allah Taala. Kisah Nabi Ibrahim a.s. sebagai contoh, telah diperintah oleh Allah untuk menyembelih anaknya, Ismail a.s. yang datang melalui mimpi baginda. Allah s.w.t. berfirman yang bermaksud:

Maka apabila anak itu sampai (kepada peringkat umur yang membolehkan dia) berusaha bersama-sama dengannya, Nabi Ibrahim berkata: Wahai anak kesayanganku, sesungguhnya aku melihat dalam mimpi, bahawa aku akan menyembelihmu, maka fikirkanlah apa pendapatmu? Anaknya menjawab: Wahai bapaku, jalankanlah apa yang diperintahkan kepadamu, Insya-Allah ayah akan mendapatiku daripada orang-orang yang sabar. (Al-Soffat: 102)

Kesimpulannya mimpi kita itu tidak mengandungi kebenaran mutlak. Kemungkinan kebenaran yang terlihat itu lebih berdasarkan kepada kebetulan sahaja atau unsur-unsur daripada mainan syaitan yang bertujuan untuk menyesatkan manusia. Itulah sebabnya, jangan menyandarkan segala keputusan kepada mimpi. Sebaliknya berfikirlah dengan lebih rasional"

(Taken from http://www.pengantin.com.my/v1/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=12)

*edit (The Malay excerpt explains that in Islam, forecasting your future via dreams is not taught or promoted. It could be said that you're putting your faith on something other than God (Syirik) as dreams are just mind-play and sometimes are works of the devil. One cannot compare one's dreams to the prophets' and we shouldn't make decisions over it, instead, think about it rationally.)

So there we go.. The so called 'divine intervention' that my friend had an experience with. As for me.. regardless of whether it's wrong or right, i still think things happen for a reason. Just get over it and move on. No point in lingering on the same thing for too long. Life goes on.. But i don't know about you guys.. One thing for sure, I would be laughing my ass off if somebody were to say that "You don't deserve me because I had a dream about it". Man.. Can't you take responsibility for your own choices?


izfelani said...

sian nasha azam wpun aku x kenal...sian sbb she's a victim of of a half-wit of subnormal intelligence, yg bertuhankan mimpi semata-mata.aku emo skit bab mimpi2 nih~!

Azzam?? said...

agak arrr.. aku kawan yg kena dengar all the way pun.. cam benggang gak arr... well.. that's just how people are i think..

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure..
When they were in a relationship,
doesn't the guy introduce her to
the family as "this is my gf, this is the girl i'm gonna married"?
If he does, and the family approve of it, things like this wouldn't have happen..

Unless, the guy's family disapprove of the girl, and that is why they introduce him to another girl..

But, to think back of it, IF his family disapprove of your fren Nasha, that guy would have told her and discuss matters..

This is just from my side of perception on this situation..
However it is, i'm sorry for your fren, she would suffer from emotional-breakdown for quite some time.. Tears will keep coming.. Give her your support ya and try to cheer her up with some fun activities.. =)

~ Alyz a.k.a Naz ~

Azzam?? said...

Naz: well nasha never had the chance to meet the family yet.. i dont know bout hidden agendas.. but they were doing well up until the guy was introduced to the new girl.. he moved out of radar (like how hana loves to do =P) and reappeared with a new girl next to him..

hana_lalalala said...

hey i see my name. hehehe

if they have been dating for years and the guy never introduce the girl to the parents, it can only mean one thing: he is not interested enough. sorry to say that but its true.

yeah life goes on nasha! u'll get someone better who loves you more.

Azzam?? said...

hana: well.. that's just the way life is playing with us..

So hana.. u tak pernah bawak i jumpa your parents pun?
ke u nak tunggu mimpi jugak?
xD wahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Yap.. I totally agree with Hana..
Whats the point of you being in love,dating and whatsoever for years but still haven't been introduce to the family?

Saying about the chance to meet the family? Even if she didn't have the chance to meet his family, the guy himself would have told the family, that "there's this girl that i've been dating/seeing and i love her, and i wanna marry her?" Show pictures of her?

That shows that the guy is serious and committed to the relationship, and not just a swinger, HuhuHaha,Tata Bye Bye..
Just uttering the magic word
"i love u" and making fake promises is not a very convincing way..

Pity Nasha.. but don't worry, there'll be someone better than him for you... Get a grip,move on with your life.. There's lotz more to explore in this journey of adventurous life, don't ever make it as a destination, let the journey continues...


~ Alyz a.k.a Naz~

opaq said...

so, its better get married dulu and then baru bercinta...

just my 2cent...

izfelani said...

"so, its better get married dulu and then baru bercinta..."

haha agree,agree, back to the old days kan?

barula risky but kinky ;D

Azzam?? said...

aaaa... so.. betul laa apa aku buat skarang ni.. cari yg cantik2 je dulu.. dah kawen nanti baru kenal2 dan bercinta.. ye tak ye? =D sorry lah hana.. u takleh masuk dalam kategori cuz i know u all too well already.. xD wahahaha

Anonymous said...

Get married dulu then bercinta?

Thats kinda scary and thrilling..

Jgn jadi your worst nightmare dah lah..

I don't wanna take that risk..
No way.. =D

~ Naz ~

erykkun said...

hahah. 1st aku nk gelak sebab ko terlayan lagu yg ko makin boring nk dgr... hahah.. irony isnt it?

aku rasa memang alhto there is divine intervention but u as human need to work for it. mungkin hati die sebenarnye dah lebih kepada wife die skang...

lagipon member ko tuh tak penah plak die introduce kan pada family... i mean if serious mesti la ko nk kenal kan pada akak ko ke atleast kan...

but its not GOD playing with our life but it more like HE have planned for us.

mana tau kawan ko tuh dpt husband yg better dari ex die.

dun worry, ko pon single lagi.. lalalala~

Azzam?? said...

ery: aku memang laa single.. dan aku akan stay like that laa kot.. according to HIS plan.. sbb sampai skarang takde lagi.. =D

Anonymous said...

Best laa isu nih...common yet still interesting...klau da terkena kat batang hidung sendiri...nangis la,nangis la,nangis la...normal laa.That's life.

izfelani said...

ala azam,judulnye pun 'plan'.any plan, including His, needs effort to make it work. ceh...aku plak kan yg berkate2.aku pon single~

Azzam?? said...

aku tak kisah bout single.. reason blog ni pun sbb aku cam benggang kenapa the guy tak nak be resposible ngan decision sendiri..? instead.. nak cakap gak God want it this way sedangkan choice tu was his all along.. kenapa? kenapa tak nak tanggung sendiri keputusan tu? kenapa nak kata jugak God made the decision tu? God make decision for everyone lah.. takyah nak kecoh He made one for you!!


Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

whoa! ur post... that guy kan... erm... how eh? name pun mimpi... kalau solat istikharah tp hati tak bersih - same je jawapan die... kalau dok angau kat pmpuan tuh tak ke smpai tmimpi2? tol tak? solat la ape pun, tp kalau mind tuh dah set dah, dok berangan nak nek pelamin ngan org len, takdenye muka pmpuan len plak yang kuar... for nasha:sabar, that guy is erm... is erm... worthless i think for you to cry on...

Heiso said...

I once read that istikharah is recommended if you find it very hard to make a decision. However, if the person is in any way even slightly biased to one side of the choices, the istikharah would not be effective. As in that's not 'divine intervention' lah.
I don't know about the guy la kn. Whether his istikharah is valid or not but for the girl's part, I hope she'll get someone better.

p/s: Azam, prasan tak cerita ni sama dgn another friend of ours?

Azzam?? said...

ain a.k.a heiso: weihh.. ceritera ni ruangan fiksyen aku untuk real life incidents.. so.. go figure.. =D

fara-fatihah said...

people are using God and religion as an escapism. truth is we never know the substantial part of the religion and the real God. we just take the part of it that we like and abandoned remaining part which is inconsistent with our desire.
its da same concept like choosing the foods to be put on the plate. kita amik lauk yg kita suka, and ignored other lauk.
we too naive.
good thots anyway:)

Azzam?? said...

fara-fatihan: over here, im not questioning faith and what not. naivety is one thing.. but here is more to selfishness and not willing to take the blame is the issue.. insulting if u ask me.. but then again.. people berhak do that.. and so are we.. *according to husni