Tuesday, 30 June 2009

anniversary of an uninteresting event

"No more gold lights for the queen earth to keep you warm in your kingdoms
High on the waves you make for us
But not since you left have the waves come
The bar is dead and the rocket's rain is keeping you wet in your deathbed
so high on the waves you made for us
And not since you left have the waves come... have the waves come..."

Anniversary of an uninteresting event---

when there is love, there will be hate. no matter how hard we try to make everybody love each other, people are bound to hate somebody eventually. if the earth is a place of absolute love, with no hatred whatsoever, then it would've lost its' taste.. sweetness is through the acknowledgment of bitterness. pleasure is through the realization of pain. yin and yang, a balance to life.. and if the balance were to be distorted, we are bound to one twisted kind of life. embrace your love(s), grip on to your hatred(s).. enjoy the dish of life with every taste buds on your tongue.. i'll love you, i'll hate you, i'll loathe you, i'll despise you, i'll appreciate you, i'll ignore you, i'll hurt you, i'll annoy you, i'll ease you, i'll please you, i'll take you for granted, i WILL...


Bluesinner said...

Well.... Duh~~~!

*korek idong sambil garu perut*

Azzam?? said...

like duh~~!!

*turunkan IQ level bimbo*

wahahhahaha xD

Mr Up-Yours! said...

Arent you a teenie-weenie bit too old to be indulging in this sort of thing?

Azzam?? said...

owh.. isn't these kinda things are ageless... i bet your mom still does it too.. because all those stuffs are what make us human.. like duh~~

p/s - if your mom does suffer from some emotional problems, deprived of hatred, loving, hurting and stuffs, no offense intended.

hana_lalalala said...

ngehehhe.. i will only love. let someone else do the hating part.