Monday, 22 June 2009

Nine to five...

Location- Staff Room

Mr. Program Leader: Eh.. you haven't filled up your designation in this form lah..
Coordinator: What lah.. which form?? *while busy playing DotA*
Mr. Program Leader: Aiyaaa.. this one laa the form for bla bla bla..
Coordinator: It's for you to keep right? No need lah.. im busy, pawning Ahmad(bukan nama sebenar)... see, see, see... he got away!!
Ahmad: Yohooo... Lucky!! (shouting from 4 tables away..)
Coordinator: Aiyaa... lucky you bastard!!
Mr. Program Leader: Oi.. fill up lah..
Coordinator: Ya laa.. ya laaa... *takes the form and starts filling up*

Name: Tony Macaroni
Designation: Full time gamers, part time lecturer


fxy said...

jom a maen

Azzam?? said...

hahahaha... noob lagi lah... dan pencen lama dah.. =D

LIYANA said...

omg!!grow upppppppppppppppppppp..hahaha

Azzam?? said...

errr... cant grow up anymore.. can only grow 'wider'... so i opt not to laaa... =D