Sunday, 13 September 2009

is it true?

"i'll be there for you.. these five words i swear to u.. when you breathe, i wanna be the air for you... i'll be there for you..."

bon jovi sang this one to not be sung by the other half.. cuz if both turned into air.. it'd be pointless.. now that's love!


hana_lalalala said...

nope. not true. people say it coz it sounds nice. they wont turn into air if they have to. i know i wont.

Koteru Daigo said...

who in their right mind would want to be their significant other's air for him or her to breathe...? that's just what happens in fantasy island where everyone is tripped on weed and shrooms. that's why they feel as if their partners are sucking the life out of them. they were high man! n yeah, bon jovi was there on the island too n he got kicked off that freakin island cuz the stoners thought he was a fag for coming up wit d song...thus,the rise of the emo lovey dovey songs only can be seen possible if we are on drugs (and loads of em'!) hahaha

Azzam?? said...

dah lama dah aku sober... =D