Friday, 4 September 2009

Wana be super?

if you ever wanna be a super hero or a super villain... take up a cause, believe in it to the extreme.. to a psychotic level. VOILA!! you're either one.. that's what batman, joker and two face did, and what a success story they are. so, to all ye fellow extremist.. (be it religious, ethnic, racial or whatever you believe in) you guys are like one step closer to super'dom .. work hard and people might just publish a comic about you!!

as for me.. i've always been a super hero for quite some time (that explains why i dont have time for commitments =p) and if you guys didnt know yet... i am actually a kamen rider!! HENSHIN!!!


wHite-DeViL said...

uh-huh...n i'm superman...explains ur excesive facial hait too....hahahahaa

Azzam?? said...

aku tak perlu cakap banyak... just..

"Hen shin!"

mari kita perjuangkan keadilan!! (bukan keADILan the politicians ye?)

ikhlas said...

i nak jadi sailor senshi. super powers i kena sebut panjang2 and ade elaborate choreography before attack musuh.

*rainbow heart crystal of friendship and love! attack!* XD

hana_lalalala said...

im superwoman! :p

tawameru said...

Kamen Rider Kening! Henshin! (index fingers pointing to monobrow...) hahaha!

Azzam?? said...

eleh.. bising laaa macha rider ni...Henshin!! Final Macha Form (both hand pulled hair to the back but got stucked halfway) hahahaha