Tuesday, 17 February 2009

to a friend..

yeap... betul lah tu.. aku adalah kawan yang ko sentiasa bleh count on. man.. i'd be damned to leave you in harms way. i'd take a bullet for you.. a spear.. a knife.. yes.. i'd take a knife for you!! i'd catch you whenever you fall. i'd hold u up when you're down on bended knees. i'd come and rescue you whenever you're in trouble. discreetly saving you from stupid mistakes. i'd carry you on my back.. and it wouldn't be heavy at all.. you're not heavy at all.. right my friend?


valsa nine said...

wah.. bestnye kalo btol2 ade kawan cenggini.. ^-^

hana_lalalala said...

are u sure im not heavy? are you very sure?


btw, i pernah buat stupid mistakes tak? :p

Azzam?? said...

velsa: yeaahhh... tapi ramai yg took for granted kawan2 diorang yg camni

hana: yeap.. u tak berat... =D nak i angkat u gi mana babe??

Anonymous said...

Yeah man, I'm very sorry my friend. I took U for granted. I'm too stupid to be your friend...Give me back my DVD yo!
Apek Keji yg ikhlas memohon ampun.

Azzam?? said...

hahahahha... =D

hana_lalalala said...

hhahahahha apek keji!!! yeah give him back his dvd. he's been nagging at me every time i see him. hehe

sipi alidrus said...

are u talking about me azzam? awww thanks! haha. :P

patience azzam, that's the key. trust me. but with a pinch of acknowledgment.