Monday, 21 June 2010


The A team was written and created by real men with cojones! it's so manly that women who went to the cinema watching it would feel like testosterone OD'ed and if they're not careful, they'd grow balls too.. =p seriously, it's a bad ass and asskickin' movie! if i could relate myself to any of the A team, i'd say i am 'Howling Mad' Murdock! ho ho ho so here's the old school and the new A team. both won me at hello! hell yeahhh!!!

(click for bigger picture lah, wuss!)

p/s:- i pity men men who are involved with pussy/gay movies that often rained our cinemas of late (a striking representative for both would be the twillight shit hahahaha). u guys need to rediscover your cojones after all that crap! (especially you, the pretty guy playing the pussy vampire.. yes, i dont bother to even find out your real name. your glittering gayness will last forever! =p)


Icky said...

fuh, nak murdock aje!
ko rasa2 aku yg mana

Azzam?? said...

aku kasik chance laaa ko hannibal, pakcik botak instead of pakcik rambut putih. kerak = face, sbb dia ladies man and con, paeh b.a. baracus laa.. tawam layak jadi lynch/orang jahat sbb dia spoiled brats yg dungu! =D