Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Save our seafood.. save the world!

Remember last time i talked about fishes in malaysia that we eat regularly going into the endangered list? yeap.. it's official now with THIS article by the star. and here, you can download a full list of fishes and their status (green for okay, yellow for caution and red for they're fucking low in number as we speak) as a guide in buying your next dinner or lunch (English version) (Malay version). so folks.. let us all be a good citizen of the world and help mother nature in preserving the... errr... eh... who's mother nature eh? i dont even know her personally.. why should i help her? hahahah fuck whatever lah! =p

okay guys.. jom gi makan ikan pari bakar dowww (yes, pari is in the red list!) hahahaha =D im not an environmental activist.. so.. jom gi umbai and have this..


Barramundi wholesalers said...

Research over the past few decades has shown that the nutrients and minerals in seafood can make improvements in brain development and reproduction and has highlighted the role for seafood in the functionality of the human body.

Azzam?? said...

wtf is this?

Anonymous said...

X mati pun klau X mkn ikan...klau kita kena ngap ngan jerung skalipun blum tentu mati lg...biarlah smua pupus pun...akan tibanye saat org terpaksa mkn org pulak...adakah waktu itu manusia juga akan turut pupus? Ada ko kesah, ye X?

Azzam?? said...

action speaks louder than words weih.. =)