Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Dont let life pass you by...

This one is definitely among my favourite. lagu boiled frogs by alexis.. lyric dia best, meaningful. inspired by George's father (vokalis diorang). a song about how we can be stucked with our work and not really living our life. like how the song says it, "safe in monotony" di mana kita rasa selamat dengan rutin harian kita yang monotonous. tiada meaningful events, tiada extra effort, tiada 'push' dalam tindakan kita. would you want to end up like that? youth sold for a pension cheque.. would sell them just like that?

"My youth is slipping, my youth is slipping away.
Safe in monotony, (so safe), day after day
(Count your blessings)
My youth is slipping, my youth is slipping away.
Cold wind blows off the lake, and I know for sure that it's too late
(Count your blessings on one hand)

Can't help but feel betrayed, punch the clock every single day
There's no loyalty and no remorse.
Youth sold for a pension cheque
And it makes him fucking sick
He's heating up, he can't say no

So wait up, I'm not sleeping alone again tonight
There's so much to dream about, there must be more to my life..."

-Boiled Frogs by Alexisonfire (video di sini)


Icky said...

yaa saya pon suke lyricnye, cukup benar, dan sebagai reality check, mmg kehidupan ni will eventually turn out to be like that...
thank god there's music!! HAIL!

Azzam?? said...

yeahh... unless kita move out ke US dan jadi rock star yang berjaya...

hana_lalalala said...