Monday, 7 June 2010

Yes, you...


-Say it's carol singer

-With any luck, by next year

-I'll be going out with one of these girls...

[insert gambar kate beckinsale, maya karin, nasha aziz, jennifer love hewwit]

-But for now let me say,

-Without hope or agenda,

-Just because it's christmas

-(and at christmas you tell the truth)

-To me, you are perfect

-And my wasted heart will love you

-Until you look like this...

[insert gambar makcik tua]

-Merry christmas

"enough.. enough now"


Anonymous said...

ha???????????? oo kalau tua tak nak la? ishhhhhhhhh

Azzam?? said...

laaaaa... akan cinta sampai tua u takmau? u nak orang cinta u time u cantik jer ke?