Monday, 28 June 2010

Fine prints...

Seriously, aku benci company2.. business2 dan apa2 jua service yang suka letak fine prints 'escape clause' kat bawah, corner, tepi2, kecik2 dalam terms and conditions and all.bagi aku, mereka ni tak dak teloq! aint got no balls muthafucka? kalo berani claim something, stand tall with it lerrr and fulfill your end of the bargain. bukan buat escape clauses camni.. it makes them a prickin' wuss and definitely they'll never have my respect as a customer. aku bagi satu example yang simple laaa... kompeni ni keluarkan kamera yang dia claim water proof, shock proof and dust proof, tempting, yes... tapi bila baca elok2 kat bawah tu.. kecik2... "water proof until 3meter *up to 10 minutes". hahahah lawak lah korang ni... water proof bagi jangka masa eh? kamera aku sekarang pun water proof gak.. up to 5 second jer laaa tapi. grow some balls and make a proper waterproof camera will ya?

owhh... lagi satu example would be broadband provider. yeahh.. korang bleh cakap lerr korang ada broadband 1mb, 3mb.. berapa 'tebal' kau punya line lah... tapi yang bikin panas tu.. ko nye connection rate tak pernah pun sampai tahap tu.. wanna know why? sebab dalam terms and conditions, diorang letak ayat bayek punya... contohnya dia offer connection 1mb.. pastu dia akan tulis kat bawah "best effort". so kalo diorang rasa cam sedikit malas, diorang bleh drop lerr seberapa banyak yg diorang suka. da kata on"best effort" terms je kan? nah *middle finger amik kau!

Friday, 25 June 2010


Escape your 9-5.. comrades!

Lokasi: PCP, dengkil

Lokasi: Air terjun kubang gajah, kemensah

(yeap... aku ada satu jersey tu jer.. takpe2.. nanti aku beli lain baru =D)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Dont let life pass you by...

This one is definitely among my favourite. lagu boiled frogs by alexis.. lyric dia best, meaningful. inspired by George's father (vokalis diorang). a song about how we can be stucked with our work and not really living our life. like how the song says it, "safe in monotony" di mana kita rasa selamat dengan rutin harian kita yang monotonous. tiada meaningful events, tiada extra effort, tiada 'push' dalam tindakan kita. would you want to end up like that? youth sold for a pension cheque.. would sell them just like that?

"My youth is slipping, my youth is slipping away.
Safe in monotony, (so safe), day after day
(Count your blessings)
My youth is slipping, my youth is slipping away.
Cold wind blows off the lake, and I know for sure that it's too late
(Count your blessings on one hand)

Can't help but feel betrayed, punch the clock every single day
There's no loyalty and no remorse.
Youth sold for a pension cheque
And it makes him fucking sick
He's heating up, he can't say no

So wait up, I'm not sleeping alone again tonight
There's so much to dream about, there must be more to my life..."

-Boiled Frogs by Alexisonfire (video di sini)

Monday, 21 June 2010


The A team was written and created by real men with cojones! it's so manly that women who went to the cinema watching it would feel like testosterone OD'ed and if they're not careful, they'd grow balls too.. =p seriously, it's a bad ass and asskickin' movie! if i could relate myself to any of the A team, i'd say i am 'Howling Mad' Murdock! ho ho ho so here's the old school and the new A team. both won me at hello! hell yeahhh!!!

(click for bigger picture lah, wuss!)

p/s:- i pity men men who are involved with pussy/gay movies that often rained our cinemas of late (a striking representative for both would be the twillight shit hahahaha). u guys need to rediscover your cojones after all that crap! (especially you, the pretty guy playing the pussy vampire.. yes, i dont bother to even find out your real name. your glittering gayness will last forever! =p)

Friday, 18 June 2010


Bumpy roads ahead.. lets ride!

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Friday, 11 June 2010

Cant anybody invent a fucking modern waterproof phone???

with all the battle of the fruits (blackberry vs apple) and hd smart phones yada yada...why cant i fucking see any WATER PROOF handphones? we have underwater cameras.. why cant we make a modern phone, watertight for people who love the outdoor. and plus, it rains a lot over here.. so i would want to just dont care and talk under the rain and what not. the last known water proof (under my radar lah.. if you guys know any other... tell me) would be verizon, we dont have it in malaysia.. and most reviews say it sucks anyway. oh please.. all you so-called giants of mobile industries.. PLEASE MAKE A MODERN PHONE THAT I COULD BRING ALONG MY OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES RAIN OR SHINE AND STILL BE PRACTICAL FOR MY DAILY USE. i bet you guys have a poor R&D and you guys never actually included this in your customer needs analysis right?

hd? internet? touchscreen? mobile tv? pointless if it cant shake off the liquid.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Save our seafood.. save the world!

Remember last time i talked about fishes in malaysia that we eat regularly going into the endangered list? yeap.. it's official now with THIS article by the star. and here, you can download a full list of fishes and their status (green for okay, yellow for caution and red for they're fucking low in number as we speak) as a guide in buying your next dinner or lunch (English version) (Malay version). so folks.. let us all be a good citizen of the world and help mother nature in preserving the... errr... eh... who's mother nature eh? i dont even know her personally.. why should i help her? hahahah fuck whatever lah! =p

okay guys.. jom gi makan ikan pari bakar dowww (yes, pari is in the red list!) hahahaha =D im not an environmental activist.. so.. jom gi umbai and have this..

Monday, 7 June 2010


Seperti yang dijanjikan...

hidup ini terus.. kayuhlah dan terus mengayuhlah.. sampai ketemu juga satu destinasi.. rasa itu tulus.. maka lafazkan segala jua masalah.. moga kita capai suatu erti..

Yes, you...


-Say it's carol singer

-With any luck, by next year

-I'll be going out with one of these girls...

[insert gambar kate beckinsale, maya karin, nasha aziz, jennifer love hewwit]

-But for now let me say,

-Without hope or agenda,

-Just because it's christmas

-(and at christmas you tell the truth)

-To me, you are perfect

-And my wasted heart will love you

-Until you look like this...

[insert gambar makcik tua]

-Merry christmas

"enough.. enough now"

Thursday, 3 June 2010

What is love?

What is love?



now that's the real deal.. fuck butterflies, rainbows, electric jolts, magic, sparks, sparkle, glitters and gold. if u're seeing those, it's either you've been drinking too much.. or under an influence of any(or several) hallucinating substance(s).

Precautions: Love is blown out of proportion to make sure the survivability of human race.. if you think that we(human) are polluting and destroying mother earth.. we could stop it by not falling in love and stop making more human.

aiyaa.. just jokin' maa.. cant u tell?? im in love! =p


SEX (and minus the rest) = Go get a prostitute, one night stand


SEX + FRIENDSHIP + COMMITMENT = Steady relationship

FRIENDSHIP + COMMITMENT = Emotional support



Apa lagi combo yang korang bleh buat eh?

Kejam untuk tidak menzalimi...

well... by right.. semua orang mesti dah familiar ngan statement ni... or in english nya 'cruel to be kind'. tapi ramai gagal live up to it. for me.. aku benar2 berpegang dengan statement ni. biarlah orang kata aku kejam ke... mulut jahat ker... tak bertimbang rasa ke.. setan ker.. apa aku peduli? yang aku tau.. aku tak mahu menzalimi orang.

contoh secara random.. jika ada seseorang menyukai aku (contoh jer laa.. ) dan aku rasa aku memang takkan dapat accept dia as something more than friends, aku akan straight away dari awal buat jokes kurang hajar supaya dia get that message. contoh.. "ko ni... kalo bogel aku lari dowhh!" or just tepek apa2 jer ayat kejam supaya dia tidak mengharap, dwell on the emotion.. bla bla bla. biarlah aku kejam ketika itu daripada aku melayan.. buat dia terbang2... terapung2.. pastu leave her high and dry. aku kejam, tapi aku tak akan menzalimi.

jika ko in a relationship.. and then ko dah start suka orang lain. ko cinta orang lain... janganlah ko simpan2 lagi.. sembunyi2 di blakang.. pastu layan pasangan ko macam hari2 biasa bercinta.. padahal dalam hati kau dah tak ada apa2. just tell her/him.. have the balls to face him/her and the truth just like u have the balls untuk curang dan start the secret affair in the first place.

ok ok... macam mana plak kalo ex gf ko yg dah ada bf datang and call2 ko cerita pasal how good u were together and all.. i miss this.. i miss that.. of course.. good old days.. x salah nak cerita2.. but if u think it could lead to something else.. just give a middle fingger MMS and tell her u dont fucking care bout anything anymore. it's easier like that.. it's simpler... it's cruel but it's kind in a way... kinda.. hahahahaha okay okay... apa lagi situation yang korang fikir korang patut be cruel to be kind?

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Tahan jer laa...

kalaulah takdir tu wujud dalam bentuk manusia... dah lama dah aku pi pukui dia! gahhahahaha