Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sejam aje.. itu pun takbleh ke??

Baru pulang dari Earth Hour outing (well termasuk lah dengan sessi makan2 dan karaok sampai lebam lah)... verdict.. a bit disappointed bout how Malaysians (well.. more to KLians) reacted. i know.. there are a lot of you guys out there who actually turned off their lights. but sorry to say, it wasn't significant enough from what i see at lookout point ampang. look at it yourself..

Figura 1.2 Before & After, photo by Azman Sejhok

But then again.. i cant just dismiss the effort from people who are sensitive enough to switch off. Salutes to them and you, if you did it too.. =D for people who didn't do anything, take it like this.. we are trying to save ourselves from the bitching, pissed Mother Earth who'd squash us like bugs and roast us unconditionally in the future for polluting and messing with her. see.. gave u a bloody clear objective already.. sure your primal instinct to survive could comprehend these simple equations

good life = pollution = pissed mother earth
switch off + pissed mother earth = a less bitchy mother earth
less bitchy mother earth = live good life longer

yeaa.. i am one of those people who believe that the climate change is inevitable.. judging from how Mother Nature rid off the dinosaurs and the extreme change to ice age and stuffs.. but what we are doing here is prolonging our reign on this cruel planet, prolonging the suitable environment to our species, saving our asses in another word. (in hope that someday we could be self sufficient and to not rely on Earth anymore). see.. you dont have to be the all goodie2, green peace or nature loving type to contribute.. =D (hahaha just gave you 'bad boys' a reason to contribute now.. so what's your excuse then?)


sempena earth hour ni.. aku rasa lagu ni sangat sesuai dijadikan lagu tema.. hahhah

wake up, wake up, wake up... yeah im so tired of waiting.. waiting for us to.. wake up, wake up, wake up... yeah im so sick of waiting... for us to make a move!!


beda said...

I did switch off the lights and aku skali switch off (tdo). as early as 8pm! hahahaha

Azzam?? said...

huh?? giler awal switch off... i kul 5am baru padam.. xD

budak sengaL`s said...

aku pun switch off.. uwaa.. tp aku sedih jiran2 aku semua x buat. sengaL SUngguh.. aku rasa macam nak g kat suis box yang besar tu nak ttp baru la " BLack out" hahah and boleh jadi support "earth hour" tuL X?!

Anonymous said...

yeayyyy! i did it!!!!! :)

Azzam?? said...

weeeee.... we are sooo saving the earth! weeeeeeee... xD

*muka ketat*